27.10.2023. 8pm IST
The secret to finding true happiness in life lies in being a blessing to those less fortunate, even if they can never physically thank you, return the favor, or even cross paths with you. 
Sounds strange?  Do you wonder why you should help others in the first place or why doing good matters?
Allow me to elucidate.
A. In 2017, when we launched our very first food fridge, numerous individuals hesitated to put their extra food in it. They insisted that I personally pick up the food from their homes at inconvenient hours, or else they would rather throw it away. 
However, over the past six years, we have managed to collect approximately 500 kilograms of quality cooked food ” daily” through our fridges and food programs, which we use to feed the needy.
Who contributes food to the fridge remains a mystery.
Who consumes this food is also a mystery to those who give the food.
Nonetheless, three significant outcomes have emerged:
☆ 1. Each year, we prevent 150,000 kilograms of food from ending up in landfills thanks to the food fridges, providing some relief to the garbage problem.
☆ 2. We distribute the equivalent of 450,000 meals (1 kilogram equals three meals, and each meal is 350 grams) annually to the most underprivileged individuals, enabling them to savor a good meal.
☆ 3. Those who donate their surplus food receive spiritual blessings from these underprivileged individuals who would otherwise go hungry. 
Both parties – the giver and the receiver are strangers to each other, but this cycle persists.
B. Similar to our fridges, we established shelter homes with the support of generous donors who make our homes operational. 
The majority of these benefactors (99%) do not know me personally, but they must have a genuine reason for their contributions. 
These shelter homes accommodate the poor, abandoned, unwanted, disabled, widowed, unmarried mothers, men, and women. 
While we assist in their rehabilitation, many require lifelong psychiatric medication and cannot be left to fend for themselves. 
They would resort to alcohol, tobacco, and other substances without support and guidance.
We leverage this workforce to run numerous projects that benefit more underprivileged individuals in different Indian states, not just in Goa.
C. A few months ago, we initiated the Manipur Relief project, which involved extensive labor for collecting, sorting, listing, packing, and storing materials. 
Labor in Goa is relatively inexpensive, right?
Take a look at the linked video, which shows our third relief truck, a 32 ft. container headed to Manipur. 
The entire labor force comes from our shelter homes.
Tons of materials have been collected across Goa by those we have rehabilitated in our homes, and 3 trucks have been dispatched to the relief camps. 
Benefactors provide donations, and food bank fridges supply food. 
The people from the shelter homes improve their lives, heal, get strong and in turn, work to assist others who may lack shelter or food or clothes.
Do all these participants know each other?
D. Recently, we started a unique initiative, collecting clothes from your doorstep to distribute to those in need across India for a nominal fee. 
It's rare to hear that you need to pay someone to take your clothes.
 But consider the other side of the coin:
◇ 1. Reduced waste in landfills.
◇ 2. A more organized closet.
◇ 3. Positive energy in your home.
◇ 4. Your donation provides warmth to someone in need.
◇ 5. Our NGO generates revenue to support more shelter homes.
Additionally, someone out there, wearing the clothes you donated, is praying and spiritually thanking you.
We all desire peace, joy, cleanliness, good health, a healthy lifestyle, and prosperity for our families. 
However, look around and witness the pain and suffering, the waste, poverty, and the medications people rely on. 
Above all, pause and recognize that we come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing.
We often expect the government to bring about change, but in today's world, that's often a mirage. 
Instead, we need to alter our mindset and approach to address the challenges faced by the less fortunate in our state, country, and the world.
After reading this extensive post, if you seek happiness in life, revisit the opening paragraph and consider where you can play your part in experiencing the happiness you and your family aspire to enjoy.
In closing, I am not doing anyone a favor, but rather, I am giving back to society through my small acts of service. 
Over the past few years, I have discovered how to reduce my reliance on a long list of medications through this ” my chosen path “, leading a medication-free life despite my demanding daily schedule, with a mandatory eight hours of sleep.
Give generously, and you will discover uninterrupted happiness and good health.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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