30.9.2023. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA opens up our home to one of the two sisters from Verna who were both bed ridden & last week were  admitted into hospitals as their 76 year old mother was too weak to further care and nurse them.
For those who missed the matter refer to the above link .
Joseph Fernandes , our Volunteer, from Aldona was contacted by Melissa, that these 2 sisters plight was very bad.
I was informed by Joseph to help.
Arturo was sent to verify and understand the gravity which was reported as bad , sad & pathetic..
Arturo D'Souza, our Volunteer was instrumental in getting this matter of these poor Ethnic Goan sisters ( Gaude Samaj ) highlighted after I summarized that we can't pick them directly without treatment and getting them stabilized.
Arturo,  Rama , Xencor , Pratima , all genuine Goan activists got together and admitted both sisters ONE into GMC & ONE into District Hospital, Margao and these 4 of them did the best they could to see that they were admitted & treated
Not an easy task as this is difficult & complicated services as all the running around had to be done by these 4.
Some Social media comments were not in good taste.
Today One Sister was discharged & we being the only home who had initially volunteered to help them , kept that commitment and admitted into our home one sister.
Attached a link of the discharge today 
Her mother did the paperwork as per our norms and requested our NGO to provide care and shelter.
Totally bed ridden with high diabetes , wounded leg , amputated foot , etc.
Can't put her foot down at all as  blood will ooze out.
Had to be carried on a stretcher into the house from our ambulance. ( video attached).👇
That's the severity of this poor goan lady from Verna.
We require one full-time nurse to be with her, which we have employed plus there are going to be Hospital check ups and assessments.
Expenses are going to mount as this not an easy case to handle.
The second sister is still at GMC & if we services are required we will also provide care & rehabilitation provided the family requests us and does the paperwork.
We @ Street Providence are continously & daily providing this type of free care & rehabilitation to so many poor Goan people in our 9 shelter homes FREE of cost.
Government is helping but not enough and that's the big issue at the moment.
Of the 170+ inmates about 120 are goans and 90% are on medication with daily hospitals trips for assessment & follow ups.
Caring, treating & rehabilitation of the poor people is not a joke especially if bed ridden and those with mental disabilities.
Easy to make jokes, doubt integrity and pass condemnation but just try helping only 1 such bed ridden poor Goan and you will understand how the health system is gone for a freaking toss especially if one is poor , uneducated,  old , penniless and no influence 
We @ Street Providence are ready to help as many as there are such poor Ethnic goans with full time care & rehabilitation.
Very important to highlight such cases continuously so that the Government gets up from their deep slumber towards these poorest of the poor Goans.
It's good that our genuine goan activists took up this matter and today that hard work and trouble has brought joy and peace to their elderly goan mother who was at so much peace.
We even Volunteered to provide care & rehabilitation to the mother as and when she makes up her mind. Offer is open & valid all 24 hours 
Street Providence is committed to providing free care, medical facilities, rehabilitation, etc to our poor Ethnic goans across the state especially those who are struggling to survive in this materialistic world.
Your support is what we ask to run the homes with all these complicated health issues of these poor Ethnic Goan people.
We operate strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564 .
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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