23.9.23  9am IST
We hear this beautiful phrase ” Beti Bachao beti padhao ” but we will show you how our Women shelter homes in Goa actually do it.
Pictures attached of the creativity of a goan young girl & a young goan married abandoned woman.
Our system of providing rehabilitation has harnessed their creativity to make them believe that they are capable of being accepted in society even though they are on psychiatric medication. 
The Young goan girl is just 27 years and last 12 years has been diagnosed with many complicated mental issues.
Mother died when she was very young , father died at the age of 17 years and last 10 years she has been looked after by the uncle but he too is growing old.
Admitted endlessly into IPHB in the last 10 years but no one back home to look after her and give her medication on time so same routine ” admitt into IPHB,  stabilised, discharged, after few weeks again admitted into IPHB etc.
Her daily medication is nothing less than 10 tablets a day so automatically she will feel sleepy & drowsy. 
But she has a hand for drawing and coloring and thats where our rehabilitation program of having 
an Occupational therapist , a Vocational trainer,  a Physiotherapist & an art teacher comes into effect.
Today this young goan orphan girl enjoys her life by relating to those problems she is going through by her drawing.
There is a message in her drawing and that only a few will understand what this young goan girl is going through and has gone through.
She is much at peace,  but recovery is still far away and any time she just explodes and gets uncontrollable.
The second lady is a married goan woman abandoned by her husband and disowned by her own father & brother who live in utter poverty
Mother & 1 sister committed suicide due to this girl being admitted for long time in the IPHB and unwanted by her husband due to her mental illness. 
Used to cry, go into a shell , slit her hands often due to frustration, etc.
No one ever knew she Has a good hand at Needle work & crotchet.
For over 5 years taking psychiatric medication.
Kept in IPHB for close to 2 years and it was a mere coincidence that this matter was brought to my notice 3 years back.
We kept her with some nuns but often she would slit her hand or attempt suicide which made her unwanted everywhere she stayed.
Very unreliable those 3 years back.
2 years back had a long chat with her and made her understand that there is life beyond her understanding and that it's time to move ahead as she has some one at Street Providence who will care and take care of her, provided she stops slitting her hands.
We introduced her to many many skills and she picked up each and every skill taught.
To our blessing and her blessings she learnt and picked up ” needle work , crotchet , flower making ” and today her medication is just 4 psychiatric tablets per day as to 7 tablets about 3 years back.
Very dedicated and responsible lady 
Last 2 years she has not slit her hands nor has shown any signs of attempting to commit suicide. 
Today she is a cook in the home and does all her jobs assigned with responsibility and dedication but every month is taken to IPHB for a monthly check up.
There are many,  I mean many , may be hundreds of such young poor goan girls/ Abandoned ladies who are either disowned by the families due to poverty and compounded by their mental illness or are just not having anyone to look after them due to their mental illness.
They're routinely brought by the police to IPHB, admitted for 45 days, stabilised, discharged , goes back home, don't take medication on time, again police admitt into IPHB, and the cycle goes on .
You know why?
Because GOA does not have Government shelter homes / half way homes / mid way homes for these people.
But to organize events and programs in the cities especially, there are funds.
Young young children / youngsters as young as 22+ are developing mental disabilities and parents don't know how and where to treat them.
Girls/ ladies/ females are the biggest losers in the fight against mental disabilities in Goa &
Beti Bachao beti padhao is not anyway close by to this section of society.
Mid way Homes are the need of the hour , Government grants,  government support is the need of the hour.
It's all VERy weVERY LESS what we are getting through grants that both Women and Child Department as well as Social Welfare Department are disembursing to our NGO but the budget of events are huge.
Infact our grants given in 2022 has been calculated in 2006 when :
Petrol was rs 45 per litre &
1 Dollar $ to 1 Rupee was rs 46 
Today petrol is 96 and $ is 83
We @ Street Providence are doing the best we can to live PM dream of Beti Bachao beti padhao as this girl and this lady are surely some one daughters and just because of their mental Disabilities their lives should not be any less.
It's a desperate situation for hundreds of such goan ladies/ girls to survive with their mental disabilities and being unwanted especially those who come from poverty.
We now run 5 such women shelter homes in Goa with 2 more women shelter Homes planned in the next month only to address the issues of BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO.
It's a very complicated and expensive service caring for people with disabilities. 
Donald Fernandes 
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