21.9.23. 10am IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA wishes all our HINDU brethren A Very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.
We also have GOOD NEWS during this Festive season and that is ” our Application to set up a shelter home for those POOR people with disabilities in Manipur has been approved and temporary license granted, all with a few days “.
Took a couple of days short holiday especially as we were up to our necks on Saturday , when we flagged off our 2nd relief Truck to Manipur at 
10 am & In the evening at 4.30 pm we innaugrated our 5th women home.
Good news Is YOUR SMALL NGO from GOA is now having recognition in MANIPUR & the Government of Manipur through Social Welfare Department has accepted our application to start shelter homes and even granted our NGO a 6 months temporary license to rehabilitate poor people with all types of disabilities in Imphal as the work to upgrade the shelter home has started.
♡♡♡ Thanks to The Archdiocese of Imphal for the big floor of 300 sq mtrs , ground & logistical support in getting this shelter home project up & running.
But 1st read this link 👇
This is data by the authorities on 1st Sept
So much pain , anxiety and uncertainty in the camps. 
There is and will be huge demand for rehabilitation which I had foreseen 3 months ago that's why we had applied for a license for starting rehabilitation homes for poor people with disabilites in Manipur.
Things will get even more difficult once the winter sets in which is 2nd week of October starting, with temperatures going to vary between 1 to 5 degrees.
But there is HOPE and we @ Street Providence along with you our benefactors carry along that HOPE.
Our 2nd truck should be in Churachandpur by 26th Sept and our team should be there by 30th September.
With the winter setting in and the trouble still going on its only going to get tough for the poorest of the poor, like small children, infants , young mothers , elderly people and those with disabilities.
It's not easy raising resources month after month
MOTIVATION is the key.
☆ 1st from my side – my MOTIVATION Is really high as I bring along 8 years of relief work experience & if I quit now then I become a failure.
☆ 2nd from your side – you the BENEFACTORS have stood by me last 3 months during the MANIPUR RELIEF program.
Benefactors only donate generously when there is MOTIVATION. 
We @ Street Providence are grateful & thankful for the support.
If You are not further MOTIVATED to donate for a genuine cause then alot of poor people lose out due to hunger & homelessness.
For us @ Street Providence , with the SHELTER HOME license being issued is a VERY GOOD NEWS but not to put our collar up,  but to be even more helpful in many district's of Manipur through MORE medical assistance, dry ration, relief trucks , clothing and a couple of more shelter homes in other districts.
We are the ONLY GOAN NGO in MANIPUR working on the ground last 3 months in many many fields supported by THE ARCHDIOCESE OF IMPHAL & now by The Social Welfare Department, Government of Manipur. 
♡♡♡  To all our benefactors ” this is possible due to your support & blessings “.
To our team members:
♡ Bosco George ( Ret IPS )
♡ Adv Caroline Collaso 
♡ Arturo Dsouza 
♡ Fr Clifford Castellino 
♡ Joseph Fernandes 
Your effort , risk and commitment to represent STREET PROVIDENCE In Manipur during these stressful days is well appreciated by all our fellow Goans & our benefactors.
A big ” OBRIGADO “
To my Advisor on Manipur Relief :
♡♡ John Shilshi ( Ret IPS ) , Your advice 3 months back was accurate and spot on.
To the Archdiocese of Imphal :
♡♡♡ Thanks for tolerating my pressure and all the support , Our BENEFACTORS stand with the poor people in the relief camps.
Our 3rd truck is planned for 2nd week of October which is only carrying New blankets.
We ask you to please support the poor people numbering thousands of them in relief camps through this NEW BLANKETS drive which our NGO is conducting.
For those who can't purchase new Blankets do whatsapp me and i will help you to purchase the New Blankets as we have ordered in bulk.
We are working on many projects in Manipur just to bring that little HOPE to so many infants, children, young mothers , elderly and those who are suffering with disabilites and your support as a benefactor plays a big part in this HOPE which our team members convey during the distribution of the relief material in the trucks which we send from Goa.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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