7.9.23.  7Pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA donates to CHURACHANDPUR DISTRICT HOSPITAL , Manipur ( generic )  medicines worth a few lacs of Rupees yesterday ( if bought as Allopathic ).
Our 3rd huge shipment of medicines got delayed for over 25 days in transit due to many many genuine reasons
Finally it reached Aizawl but took another 7 days to reach Churachandpur on 1.9.23 by tempo  which the transport cost was additional Rs 25000.
From Delhi to Aizawl it was Rs 7000+ for 11 crts of this medicines.
During our 2 member team visit to Manipur, our 1 volunteer Joseph Fernandes was stationed in Churachandpur for 6 days and he covered alot of ground in almost 30 camps.
The medical facility is a big concern and Joseph suggested after his ground visit that this 3rd consignment of medicines actually sent to the Archdiocese of Imphal could be given to the District hospital Churachandpur. 
Yesterday the Archdiocese of Imphal at Churachandpur handed over this huge consignment worth lacs of Rupees to the CMO of the district hospital in Churachandpur. 
( appreciation letter attached )
For those in Goa , think of what is a district hospital & the functioning and how many people come daily to Mapusa & Margao District hospital and you will understand the meaning of a district hospital.
And this district in Churachandpur is the worst affected by violence so all the more there will be  and there is a shortage of medicines.
This Churachandpur district hospital requires badly a Radiologist, Gynecologist and many specialist doctors.
On 1.9.23 our volunteer Mr Joseph had given 1000 organic sanitary pads, Cerelac , etc to this district hospital. ( appreciation letter attached ).
Attached 2 letters from the District hospital in Churachandpur which means alot to our NGO & a picture of Fr Samuel from Churachandpur & CMO of the District hospital Churachandpur with the medicines handed over yesterday. 
Next week a 4th huge consignment of generic medicines again will be sent from Delhi to Churachandpur district hospital. 
A district hospital caters to nothing less to 4 to 5 lac people ( 1/ 2 a million) and supplies from Imphal to Churachandpur is totally cut off by road.
Infact let's say a silent prayer tonight for peace in Manipur.
We ask your help in our MANIPUR RELIEF as at times material can't be bought or sourced in such violence hit areas but only relief material from outside the state is required to bring that little HOPE to those inside.
Relief material & logistical work is hard work and requires planning , manpower, co ordination , follow up and implementation. 
It's not for all and everyone to get up and do logistics and relief material.
It's more of team work and putting volunteers togther and that's what we @ Street Providence Goa are doing ” putting numerous teams of volunteers togther for MANIPUR RELIEF “.
Street Providence is not a one man show but it's more of Team work across 15 different projects running side by side across 3 states in India.
We are committed to help the displaced in Manipur be it through :
☆ Dry ration 
☆ Baby food & baby innerwear 
☆ Ladies & gents innerwear 
☆ Medicines generic 
☆ School fees for the children 
☆ New Blankets
☆ Shelter Homes for the homeless with disabilites 
☆ Low cost new Homes for the displaced.
We bring HOPE to the people as we are now fully working in Manipur with our team members across 4 districts.
For those who are wondering why only Whatsapp messages and no calling, well I have a full-time job last 13 years in a company and
9 to 6 is my work timing. 
Not possible to answer besides last 6 years everyone who knows my style of working uses only whatsapp messages to communicate.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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