8.9.2023. 7Pm IST
As we Celebrate The Birthday of our Mother Mary today, we @ Food Bank Jharkhand provided 700 children from 2 schools which is in the vicinity of our Shelter Home @ Bhusar Jharkhand , 4 in 1 nestle noodle pkt as a small token of love and concern.
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA is the only registered Food Bank in Goa and regularly receives packaged food from NESTLE INDIA , which is close to being out of date.
♡♡♡ We thank INDIA FOOD BANKING NETWORK , Delhi for connecting us to NESTLE INDIA in Goa and giving us an opportunity for over the last few months to save hundreds of Kgs of packaged food from going to the bins.
Infact on the 17.8.23,  we received at our food bank office in Goa :
☆ 73 crts of 4 -in 1 NESTLE  Elichi noodles = 1800 pcs which is best before 1-10-23 &

☆ 159 crts of BRITANAIA , BADAM milk = 3800 pcs  which was having about 10 days life shelf 
We got in touch with Hassan Khan & Mahesh Govekar , both who run their own NGOs in Vasco area of Goa.
Hassan was kind enough to distribute this Badam milk to alot of poor children in and around Mormugao Taluka.
Mahesh distributed most of the Badam Milk to alot of HIV infected people through out Goa within just 48 hours. 
These HIV infected poor people are a few hundreds of them and Mahesh & his team from his NGO did a fantastic job.
Our 175  Shelter home inmates in Goa too got to drink this Badam milk for a few days.
But we sent these 73 crts NESTLE noodles to our FOOD BANK in Jharkhand & today the distribution happened at the hands of Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas along with our shelter home team staff & volunteers. 
♡♡♡ We thank BRITANIA & NESTLE INDIA,  for attempting to reduce food wastage and send such packaged food well before the expiry date to FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA. 
For Many months only NESTLE INDIA was giving our food bank, packaged food to reduce food wastage, but it's wonderful that BRITANIA too has come forward to reduce food wastage.
It's a humble appeal to all food manufacturing companies, C&F and Sales managers , to reduce packaged food wastage by withdrawing stocks from the market atleast 45 days to 60 days before expiry so that the poor can be given a small token of love instead of sending it to the bins.
This year , 4 big states in India are having huge rain deficit and north India has had floods and excess damage to land, so Agriculture  cultivation will be severely affected.
This year there is going to severe Climate changes and winters are going to be severe in many states including Central India and so we also sent 100 blankets in this truck which carried the noodles to Jharkhand. 
Registered Food banks are the need of the hour & we are working as food banks both in Goa & Jharkhand. 
In Manipur , we are working and providing tons of dry ration through our Food bank program and till date 50000 kgs of dry ration sent and in the coming months another 50000 kgs of dry ration will be given to the displaced poor people in Manipur. 
Daily in Goa we pick up and receive through our Food bank fridges close to 500 kgs of cooked food enough to feed 1000 to 1200 meals a day including 500 meals which go to our 8 shelter homes for breakfast , lunch , tea & dinner.
Rest we give ahead to other NGOs and shelter homes where the poor and hungry are fed daily in Goa.
We started our NGO as a Food Bank & it's close to 5 years + that we daily feed more than 1000 meals on an average, at times it reaches 1500+ meals Worth of food a day.
Not an easy or affordable service, running food bank, but we do it by employing staff , getting in volunteers and dedicating one full time car only for this operation and its happening last 5 + years. 
Once again A Very Happy Feast of The Nativity & its wonderful that Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas @ BUSHAR, Jharkhand early this morning, brought a smile on 700 poor children by personally handing over to each child a Nestle Elichi noodle 4 in 1 packet on our NGO behalf.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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