6.9.2023. 7Pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is attempting to accept,  collect, send and distribute 10000 warm BLANKETS to the displaced poor people in Manipur.
Our 2 member team has returned safely after 6 tiring but satisfying days of ground work and each and every camp / schools of the total 45 they visited, had one request ” what happens when the winter starts – we require blankets “.
By end of this month a 4 member team will again be in Manipur to provide relief material as our 2nd truck from Goa is planned for the 16th of this month.
We have set up 18 collection centre's across different parts of Goa and we thank these volunteers for providing their time to assist us in this collection drive.
》This drive will go on till 30.9.2023.
To all reading this post please understand :
” this is not a clothes drive so don't try to get rid of your clothes in this project “.
” if you feel you are giving to the poor and you feel you are doing a favour to poor , then please don't give, as giving to the poor should be a Service and that's why one has to give the best “.
Blankets can be for children or adults, thick or thin,  long or short , etc but it has to be NEW as we don't want them getting any skin infection due to the blankets not being new.
Here heavy woolens blankets are required to beat the cold winds in winters while in the winter temperatures can drop into the mid-30s F (about 1–2 °C).  
And these displaced people are In camps.
We @ Street Providence are the only NGO from Goa on the ground in the camps across Manipur and all of you know by now all our volunteers are Goans from different fields in their respective professions giving their time and energy to assist and represent STREET PROVIDENCE. 
It's a really difficult scenario presently for the displaced people in the camps and we togther can bring them that LITTLE WARM HOPE in small ways, as things are very very slowly returning to some state of normalcy but the poor children, ladies & elderly are the worst affected.
If you only search on Google about the struggle in the camps in Manipur you will get a better understanding of how you and we togther can bring that LITTLE  WARM  HOPE from 4000kms away in our beautiful Goa
Relief work on the scale that our NGO has undertaken is all about manpower , storage, transportation, packing , logistics and distribution and we have that strength to undertaken such a huge task of 10000 blankets.
We have two more drives for two more items coming up soon and again 10000 pcs each.
There is going to be huge mind wrecking logistical co ordination during these 3 drives of 10000 pcs each of items to beat the winter in Manipur for those in the camps but God's favour has made the impossible to possible. 
All querries / suggestions/ views / complaints strictly through whatsapp messages on 8380097564 only.
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848