5.9.23. 7pm.IST 
Our 2 member team which had spent 6 days in Manipur finally landed safely.
Was a bit nerve wrecking with the fighting in Churachandpur still going on while the team was in Manipur.
But on the other side ” today the Social Welfare Department officials inspected our proposed 1st shelter home in Imphal for those who will be homeless and suffering from disabilities “.
Our team member Mr Arturo Dsouza and the priests from Archdiocese of Imphal had visited on Friday ie 1.9.23 the Director of Social Welfare Department,  Imphal , Manipur.
The Director, Mr Ng Uttam Singh , was kind enough to accept our application for starting shelter homes for the homeless in Manipur.
The Director , Mr Ng Uttam Singh , instructed his staff to conduct an inspection on Monday ie 4.9.23 but it got postponed to Tuesday 5.9.23.
♡♡♡ We are grateful to The Archdiocese of Imphal, headed by Archbishop Rev Fr Domnic Lumon for giving us a place in Imphal to start a shelter home for the homeless with disabilites.
The upgradition & renovation is at our cost.
The running of this home is strictly by Street Providence.
Attached a video of the 1st such shelter home in Imphal👇👇
It's about 300 sq mts + and has couple of works to finish like false ceiling, tiling for the floor as well as adding washrooms and plumbing & electrical works to make it comfortable for the homeless & those with disabilities. 
This is the second Archdiocese outside Goa providing us space to run shelter homes for the homeless with disabilites. 
May end 2023 we had started our 1st shelter home outside Goa in Daltonganj diocese of Jharkhand where Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas had given us a small home in BUSHAR village  in the district of Latehar.
The MANIPUR RELIEF started by Street Providence was with specific parameters and with a Vision in mind and one of them was shelter homes for the homeless women & men especially for those suffering from mental disabilities. 
We are delighted to be able to provide our services 4000 kms away to those affected in Manipur by providing :
☆ Dry ration – 50 tons sent another 50 tons going
☆ Children food – lactogen/ cerelac
☆ Education – by arranging for children fees 
☆ Medication – more than rs 20 lacs sent
☆ Clothing – ladies & gents new innerwear 
☆ Truck from Goa with rs 18 lacs material.
And now the most difficult service –  ☆Shelter home
Simply shouting and taking demonstration against the trouble in any situation does very little to the poorest of the poor .
What the poor and the displaced wants in any riot like situation is food clothing shelter medication & rehabilitation and that's what we do.
The difficult part is providing services in all areas, but by working with the Government and the authorities it's the only way forward and it's very touching that The Social Welfare Department, Manipur conducted a visit in just 3 working days after submitting our application at our 1st proposed shelter home in imphal .
♡♡♡ We thank all our benefactors who have been supporting MANIPUR RELIEF last two months as well as our staff and volunteers across Goa.
Once again we Thank God for the safe arrival of Arturo Dsouza & Joseph Fernandes in Goa.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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