4.9.23. 8pm.IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA had sent a two member team to Manipur on 28.7.23 
They reached safely into Manipur, did the jobs that were assigned to both of them in the last 6 days 
Tomorrow 5.9.23 ,  they leave for Goa and will touch down at 11pm.
Arturo spent all the 6 days In Imphal & Kangpokpi District.
Arturo covered about 15 + relief camps / schools both in districts of Kangpokpi & imphal districts primarily distributing 48 crts or 1152 pkts of Lactogen, Cerelac & CEREGROW.
Arturo also visited a number of schools in both districts where we are providing fees to displaced children and met the teachers & the students.
Arturo had a lot of paperwork to complete including our 1st shelter home right in Imphal and today we were to have an Inspection of our shelter home by The Social Welfare Department, Government of Manipur but it got postponed.
Whereas Joseph was 5 days fully in Churachandpur district. 
And during these 5 days, for full 3 days one side of Churachandpur had violence with gun fights and even deaths.
2 min video attached right on the border of the district👇👇
Check the details by using Google between 30th August to 1st September .
When Joseph entered Churachandpur the violence had just started but Joseph held his nerves and went about distributing the entire 1st relief truck which we had sent from Goa,  covering more than 30 + camps / schools of the 100 such camps across Churachandpur district.
Till last Saturday night ie 2.9.23 , I was contemplating moving Joseph by taxi to Aizawl and then getting him on a flight to Calcutta.
But some how the Priests from the Archdiocese of imphal , Don Bosco fathers and Security forces managed to get Joseph safely to Imphal using the route which best suited the need at that hour.
Attached a video of Joseph right on the border of Churachandpur – Imphal district. 
What Joseph saw , understood and experienced is beyond what you & I know sitting here in the comfort of our homes.
Many places, relief is yet to reach and this is heard in both sides of relief camps.
Demands are huge as people are waiting for little little things in this big Churachandpur district.
Of course I have many sources across many district's of Manipur, and i am aware of the pain , the disappointment of being in camps , the uncertainty that those in camps are going throgh & so that's the reason our NGO has undertaken this risky, stressful, complicated and nerve racking ” Manipur Relief project “.
Our 2nd truck is leaving Goa mid September 23 to Churachandpur.
We have these trucks & these items planned in the coming months :
》3rd truck – 10000 new blankets 
》4th truck – 10000 second hand blazers / ( suit coats ) with 2 free new pairs of socks per blazer.
》5th truck – 100000 note books & stationary items 
》6th truck  – 400 crts of candies / hard sweets & second hand toys.
》7th truck – just before the start of Christmas goodies for 10000 people – cake & Bebinca
Watch out for our flyers in the coming weeks for the above 3rd to 7th truck. Please don't get excited.
Winter will be hard in the camps so blankets & blazers is a must
Note books & stationary big demand , as the children are idle with nothing to do at all
Candies/ sweets & second hand toys as there are children,  just like you and me who were once upon a time a child and today we too have our own little children & grand children. ( to some great grand children).
Christmas in Goa is celebrated by one & all and if we can bring a little of Goa, to those in the camps, it will bring out the true spirit COMMEMORATING the Birth of Jesus Christ.
For Diwali we are working on purchasing local sweets and sending to the relief camps in Imphal district only due to logistical issues.
We @ Street Providence Goa thank all our benefactors,  volunteers , staff , collaborators, etc for all the support to all our projects at our NGO.
Relief work is all about planning , logistics and manpower which makes us do what we are doing ” RELIEF TO THE THOSE IN CAMPS.”
All queries/ suggestions / views strictly through whatsapp messages only on 838009756
God bless you all.
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848