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STREET PROVIDENCE GOA thanks Perpetual Succour High School, Navelim for donating 15 crts Lactogen No 1, Worth Rs 1.5 lacs towards our MANIPUR Relief work for infants and children in Camps.
♡♡♡ Our sincere thanks to Sr Liby , Headmistress of the School for arranging these 15 crts of Lactogen no 1.
In every  School, every teachers day ie 5th September,  students buys flowers or may be some gifts for the teachers.
This year the Management & teachers of this school, decided to contribute the same amount which would be spent on flowers,  for a worthy cause .
And so this Teachers Day in This school it will be more like a support and in Solidarity with the small infants and children in relief camps in Manipur.
And that's one of the best ways of celebrating TEACHERS DAY.
And this idea was the brain child of the Headmistress of the School, the ever smiling Sr Liby.
By the way Sr Liby is the President of the Headmasters Association of Goa and is well known across the Education field in Goa.
Only a Teacher can understand the needs of a child especially when the child can't go to school or circumstances such as the life in camps which makes Education very difficult. 
As I write this post, one of our team members is in the Churachandpur district and has been visiting and distributing relief aid to camps and schools and one shocking discovery was ” in a particular area, one functioning school does not  have Electricity at all .”.
It's like pitch dark at night and children in this School hostel study with candles as Electricity is a luxury, infact in one such school we are attempting to donate a new Generator as well as Solar lamps.
Infact both Arturo & Joseph , currently in Manipur doing relief work are surprised at the no. of little children living not so good life in these camps
Sr Liby has shown her compassion and consideration by cutting down on flowers for this teachers day and encouraged the  Management ,fellow teachers & students to support the infants and small children in camps in Manipur. 
Sr Liby was kind enough to inquire what we would accept from her school towards the MANIPUR Relief work. 
Other Schools can also support such an idea and come forward and do the same .
Our next truck leaves Goa mid September to Churachandpur Manipur. 
Big demand for :
☆ Stationary items 
☆ Toys and recreational items 
☆ Biscuits 
☆ Etc
Once again A Happy Teachers Day on 5th September to all the Teachers especially to The Teachers of Perpetual Succour High School Navelim for this touching gesture.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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