29.8.2023. 7 PM  IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA shows you actual rehabilitation of a genuine GOAN old widow suffering from severe disabilities and living below the poverty line in inhumane conditions & how much care Sr Mariya [ FMCK ] and the team @ our Cavelossim shelter home has put in to  bring her to the level what you see in the video attached👇👇
Lady is from Sanguem Constituency & was living in a home which was on the verge of collapse.
If I did not know the Social Welfare Minister of Goa, I would have never had accepted this lady.
One of the most, most difficult cases our NGO has ever handled. 
Kamal was severely under nourished , totally unclean, no control over her bowels movement, suffering from NEURO issues, was crawling on her buttocks to move around.
Uncivilized & un Co operative,  but since the lady was from the Minister Constituency & really poor, we accommodate & we considered but she was on a pamper 24*7  &  wheel chair bound.
Sr Mariya ( FMCK ) our care giver used all her patience and tolerated all her short comings along with the shelter home women who were daily assigned duties in cleaning KAMAL.
Believe me it was not easy for many months as she could not control her bowels and would purposely remove the pamper & dirty the place.
Paralyzed one side with so many other complications which no one will ever want to handle and look after.
Slowly medication, hospital trips, check ups , massaging & PHYSIOTHERAPY brought about the change you see in the video.
Now, she has no pamper, communicates to use the wash room , disciplined, motivated to live , understands how she can get better.
In Cavelossim we have a Physiotherapy centre for our two shelter Homes in the same locality and this Physiotherapy Clinic is of big help to almost all the 40 inmates in both these Homes.
Few days back,  Sapnesh our manager even got Kamal to put her hands around him for support & started walking with support.
There are so many such KAMALs across Goa struggling to live a decent life but no activists ever highlights or makes videos of such poor old abandoned lonely widows. 
As of today each village has 1 or 2 such KAMALs
& we can't rehab all of them as the homes are full.
The poor are increasing but who is interested in their welfare as there is no BIG money in highlighting their issues & fighting for them.
Shelter homes are often looked upon as that last option for such people but the costs of rehabilitating such people are so high & difficult that no one ventures into such services.
Street Providence Goa has been taking in pathetic & complicated cases for rehabilitation irrespective of the condition of the person while admitting as we DARE TO DREAM that everyone is HEALED and RECOVERY has already happened.
We belive the future and we speak LIFE , RECOVERY, GOOD HEALTH even if the person is not improving.
We Believe that EVERY ONE in our 8 shelter homes one day has to RECOVER & then help the others to RECOVER.
Many times we loose hope, disappointment arises,  misunderstanding pop up but I SEE THE SUFFERING CHRIST IN the poorest of the poor and mind you I never ever visit any of the shelter homes I run, as that's a principal I follow and there is a huge team employed to get the things moving.
My FAITH has to get the job done not my presence in the home.
If I am motivated naturally the team is motivated & if I am POSITIVE in my Thinking naturally the team is going to get the job done.
Today we have 6 trained lady nurses who Have completed 1 year of home nursing course & by January 2024 i will be having 16 such trained nurses to care for close to 100 such KAMALs across Goa crying quietly & living in pathetic conditions.
Very soon 2 more women shelter Homes will be starting in North & South Goa.
The Social Welfare Minister & 
The Women and Child Minister, Government of Goa should look into our problems and sort out our genuine issues otherwise one day we too will be forced to reconsider our services to the poorest of the poor in Goa 
Few of our grants in both departments are not released as of date and I am at loss of Words why the delay. 
We step in to do what the Government should be doing but for that Grant's have to move as nothing comes free especially when you have 175 + people and of which 110 are ethnic goans, and of which 120+ are people with disabilites of the total 175 +.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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