25.8.23. 7Pm IST
Once upon a time, had attempted suicide, rescued, treated at IPHB , put on 9 medicines per day , rehabilitated at our NGO, now on 1 tablet and today incharge of organizing 120+ patients psychiatric medication across 8 + homes.
No rocket science, Pure rehabilitation. 
Street Providence Goa has been for the last 6 years caring for all types of poor & homeless people suffering from Disabilities, HIV , Suicide tendencies, drug addicts & alcoholics, unwed mothers, widows , Abandoned parents, etc.
Each time I decide to accept an admission it's a tough decision to make as I am not professionally qualified to handle all these above type of people but it's the SYSTEM that has been created/ got created / linked/ etc which makes our 8 + shelter homes a unique model in Goa.
Well the man in the video Mr Abhishek Roy & his sister had both attempted suicide and in this attempt their mother too attempted and did not survive,  but they both survived.
Sounds scary? Well it was back then when I met them at IPHB.
Well they were under immense pressure and stress and highly complicated yet homeless & desperate to start life again.
Imagine you end up in a state with no one, lost your mother, police case , admitted into IPHB , treated and now you have to go out of the hospital. 
But go where ? No money ? 10 big bags , a sister who suffers from severe bouts of fits & both of them on Severe psychiatric medications.
That day it was tough call to make but as a human being towards two fellow human beings 
” we opened our doors to both of them “.
Both were highly disturbed and I was disappointed as it was really difficult to handle them.
Lazy , crazy , disruptive, complicated , argue, complain and so many medicines per day which made them loose their interest in life.
It was challenging initially. 
But on the positive side Abhishek could read & write English fluently, no habits of alcohol , cigarettes or tobacco , was clean in his daily habits but very very talkative and too many questions.
He was hurt & disappointed in life and wanted to be in the center of everything.
Slowly he understood my mind but not before we had told him to leave our home many times as he was always asking questions.
We as a team assured him our support and reassured him that his sister would be taken care and looked after LIFE LONG provided he took responsibility of small things in the home and was accountable for these small works in the house.
It worked.
He was given a few bed ridden / wheel chair bound men to clean , shave, bathe , feed and care for which he did systematically and diligently.
He was then sent to hospitals ie IPHB & GMC with our patients for their monthly evaluations & check ups where he met the same doctors who once were treating him for his psychiatric issues.
He was then made an incharge of a shelter home where the responsibility of giving daily psychiatric medications to the others in the home was his responsibility
ABHISHEK found his purpose in life .
He was now at peace and slowly his medication from 9 tablets a day settled to just 1 tablet a day.
He was totally set free of his demons & his past.
We have perfected the ART of REHABILITATING those with Suicidal tendencies and today we care for 10 such people diagnosed with Suicidal tendencies but absolute 💯 % normal.
ABHISHEK accepted his mistakes and was ready to let go of the hurts which was the reason his mind would allow him to work.
And that daily work of going to hospitals with other homeless people suffering from Disabilities was just what was needed to stir and fire his spirit up.
Once a pain in the neck , was now an integral part of our shelter homes for homeless men with disabilities.
15.7.23 he was brought to porvorim shelter home and instructed to keep an eye on all the 120+ inmates medication which he started doing faithfully.
Moment the regular staff quit without notice , Abhishek took over.
This month ABHISHEK ROY got all this organized in 8 hours flat in one day and the icing on the cake was ” once a psychiatric patient in this same hospital,  this month sitting with the big doctor ( CONSULTANT / ASST PROFESSOR ) and even got medication for 30+ patients for 2 months in advance “.
The staff for two years would complete the same process in 4 to 5 days every month.
For a CONSULTANT/ ASST PROFESSOR to entertain Mr ABHISHEK ROY and prescribe the medication in one day and see that he gets what is needed is not Childs play .
That speaks VOLUMES of our way of REHABILITATION PROGRAM we have been running FREE of COST for the poorest of the poor & the homeless with disabilites. 
Not many will understand this post , but it's like this is short sleeve English ” once REJECTD today A LIGHT TO THOSE REJECTED “.
By 29th of this month,  all 120+ inmates monthly medication boxes will be prepared in Porvorim home by Abhishek, checked by Sapnesh and sent to all 8 homes. 
Not a freaking easy job even for a fully paid normal employee as there are 3 different check lists with 3 different people before it reaches the homes .
GOD does not abandon the homeless and the poor.
Our NGO works on systems and its All The Favour of God.
Medication is the most difficult, complicated and mind blowing activity in our shelter homes as not all Medication are given free by IPHB.
We also order from Antilla Generic pharmacy , Guirim,  as well as from a big wholesaler in New Delhi and this is all a patient & systematic process which is inbuilt in a system. 
Like I tell many ” I created many systems over the last 6 years and no matter who comes & goes the systems take care of the NGOs needs across all sectors like rehabilitation, food bank , Physiotherapy clinics, Vocational training sessions, Art & craft sessions, relief work , etc.,”
At Street Providence I have faced many storms and disappointment but we have only grown as I have understood from BRO JOHNSON teaching
 ” Storms are meant to build you up “.
When the foundation is solid , the intentions are clear , when there is The Favour of God , nothing can stop GODs work.
At Street Providence we provide assured time frame for rehabilitation patients suffering from severe disabilities irrespective of their situation at the time of their admission.
No case is too difficult to handle at Street Providence especially for those diagnosed with severe mental disabilities. 
It's a JOY to bring a smile back on the face of Abhishek Roy once on 9 tablets daily , today only on 1 psychiatric tablet.
God bless you so much
Donald Fernandes 
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