24.8.2023. 7Pm IST
Our 1st truck from Goa finally crossed over the Mizoram-Manipur border today and should reach Churachandpur within 36 / 48  hours with The Grace of God.
》16th truck leaves Goa 11 am 
》20th truck reaches Guwahati 5 pm
》22nd truck reaches Aizawl at 8 am
》23rd truck leaves for Churachandpur at 8 pm 

From here The Favour of God is on the truck.

》25th / 26th ETA in Churachandpur.
Weather is a factor to consider but Storms will always be there,  just be still.
The 2nd truck is almost getting full here in Goa , which is again The Grace of God.
♡♡♡ Thanks to DELHIVERY Transport Company for transporting the entire 1st consignment right from Goa to Churachandpur covering 4000 kms without we getting involved or any other Transport Company getting involved.
There were 3 legs of transportation and 3 different trucks were used in this operation.
Goa to Guwahati – 32 feet container 
Guwahati to Aizawl – 18 feet container 
Aizawl to Churachandpur  – 2 trucks of 9 tons.
We are currently focused on procuring, collecting & sending food for the small children & infants ie CERELAC , LACTOGEN & CEREGROW.
A target of 500 crts is what we intend to send within this 30 days with your generous donations and it's possible for sure.
We are also focusing on providing support to : 
☆ education of children In Manipur ,
☆ low cost housing & furnishing the homes, 
☆ assistance to children & women in Manipur, 
☆ Relief aid material ( no clothes )
☆ Medical professional who can help in Manipur.
Attached a poster of our volunteers, who you can communicate with through whatsapp ONLY 
( kindly avoid calling)  if you have any specific query to ask on the above topics where we are focusing on helping the displaced in Manipur.
Don't just call to waste your time or their time but be sure you know what & how you wish to help and you have a budget to meet this help.
Emotions and feelings don't work in Relief situations but what you can please take a few notes out of your wallet and your physical ability to contribute from your professional medical field, is what we want to get too.
It's 3 months and counting and there is going to be big demand for help for the poorest of the poor who might just be looking at a bleak future and you might be that person inspired by Almighty to be a benefactor through so many of the above 5 fields we have highlighted just a  few paragraphs above this. 
For Many, the relief camps may be their homes for months if not more.
Small request avoid calling the numbers but only whatsapp. 
If you don't get a reply within 6 hours, snap shot the message and send whatsapp on 8380097564.
Understand we all are volunteers with our own families and own jobs at hand. 
Patience and understanding will need to be used.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848