22.8.23. 10am IST
The 1st truck which left Goa for Churachandpur Manipur has completed the 2nd leg of the journey and reached safely Aizawl, Mizoram. 
16th the truck left Goa 11am
20th the truck reached Guwahati 5pm
22nd smaller truck reached Aizawl 8am.
♡♡♡ Thanks to so many people who have prayed and blessed this truck, especially Cardinal Filipe Neri Ferrao who blessed the truck.
Now the 3rd leg , the difficult & complicated .
We not only work in Manipur for those who might not be aware of our NGO but we work also in Goa and we continously are doing relief work be it in food, rehabilitation or flood relief last 5 years + in Goa as well as the Kerala floods of 2018 , where we sent 13 truck loads of relief material.
Last month Goa saw alot of rainfall.
We had the opportunity to associate with AMAZON who donated 300 flood relief kits with 
DONATEKART as Impact partner.
It took a little time to get these 300 kits across to the most affected poor goan across Goa but we did what was needed- Relief to those affected
We sent the kits to these areas :
☆ Canacona Taluka 
☆ Benaulim/ margao
☆ Mayem constituency 
☆ Sanguem Taluka
☆ Bicholim city 
☆ Porvorim – Sanjay school for children with disabilities. 
》In Canacona our Volunteer Mrs Sharon & Arturo D'souza did the distribution along witb dry ration kits.
》In Margao / Benaulim our volunteer Mr John Baptist did the distribution. 
》In Porvorim,  Sanjay School for children with Disabilities we requested Disabilitiy Commissioner Mr Pawaskar to do the needful to the poor children whose homes got affected by the rains.
》At Mayem , Local MLA Mr P Shet was kind enough to go house to house and hand over these kits to the most affected families witn our volunteers.
》At Sanguem , Minister Subhash Phal Dessai was entrusted to give these kits along with our volunteers.
》At Bicholim, Adv Gawas and Bicholim Dysp Mr Ekoskar distributed 40 such kits to the poorest of the poor where Adv Gawas has been also giving dry ration kits.
》10 kits our manager Sapnesh distributed to poor goan families situated close to our shelter homes where the rain water caused minor damages to these houses.
We feel humbled that AMAZON & DONATEKART gave us an opportunity to provide flood relief aid in Goa to the poorest of the poor.
Logistics is an important issue in any relief work undertaken followed by paperwork and accounting .
We are very strong in logistics and that's the reason we are last 2 months working in a big way in MANIPUR.
Wherever there is hunger, homelessness, relief, disabilities , abandonment, elderly people, unwed mothers,  etc WE ARE THERE standing ready to help with our Trustees , staff , Numerous silent volunteers, CSR partners & benefactors. 
Very soon we will be working in a big way in Mizoram & Jharkhand with relief towards the poor & displaced.
Your support is what drives us in so many projects not only in Goa but also outside Goa.
All querries strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564 .
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848