20.8.2023. 7Pm IST 
Our 1st truck from Goa with relief material towards Manipur had left Goa on 16th at 11am and reached safely Guwahati , Assam today at 5pm , without any troubles or breakdown in record time of 4 days covering 2800 kms.
1st leg of this consignment completed today.
Attached picture of the truck at Guwahati 
♡♡♡ I thank all of you for praying to GOD for the safety of THIS truck from Goa as well as Cardinal Filipe Neri Ferrao for blessings this truck.
God is alive and he lives some where , but I know he listens to me daily in my work towards the poor and the needy. 
So I conclude ” GOD DWELLS IN THE POOR “
Today I was at Navelim church for all the 4 holy masses and at the 2nd Holy Mass , the young father in his sermon asked / spoke / explained where is God.
At the same time in Navelim church I was thanking GOD that this truck reaches safely. 
At 5 pm this evening the driver informs our manager Mr Sapnesh that the truck has reached Guwahati and it's being offloaded into a warehouse and tomorrow it will be reloaded into a 9 ton truck to proceed to Aizawl Mizoram. 
And immediately my mind thought about ” cost of this truck to mizoram ” as it was despatched on credit and I will need to pay the transport company.
At 6 pm I told my wife ” I am telling & told GOD , pls send me Rs ××× Lacs as donations to pay the truck which has now reached Guwahati and in 2 to 3 days it will reach Aizawl “.
At 7.10 pm , through a whatsapp message , one of our regular benefactor for over many years confirms a donation close to the equivalent cost which the transport company will be raising the bill.
Attached snap shot of what how GOD got me the transportation bill through a donation.
I inquire with the benefactor ” why did u give a donation for this fixed amount which is close to equivalent of this truck ? And why did u give it today ?”.
Benefactor says ” last 15 days I made up my mind to give you this donation of this amount “.
And practically on 1st of August the transport company had told me the approximate figure it would cost me to send a truck from Goa to Mizoram.
Since the relief work is for the poorest of the poor, irrespective of which community, GOD knows how to take care of his children.
My job has always been to plant many many seeds at one time but it's GODs job to get the fruit.
Seeds have to be planted in the right season, in the right time and watered and cared for.
GOD has to provide the fruit.
Simultaneously just 2 days back a whatsapp message was on my phone saying ” I want to give you a donation and my parent also wants to give you a donation but my parent is very old “.
So I drove to this home which is one way 50 kms and the parent was not OLD but VERY VERY OLD may be 90+ years.
The child gave me the donation and the parent too gave me the donation but Said something very touching ” I closed my account and all this is for the poor in Manipur , I don't need this anymore as I am too old “.
Usually old or very old people don't part with all their savings and that too giving away to an NGO who they are seeing only on Social media.
At the time of finishing the conversation, I tried to shake hands with the VERY VERY old parent but the parent said ” take my blessings ” and blessed me and surely Said one prayer for me .
These small acts of kindness / blessings / prayers are VERY important to me as its not easy raising resources – forget Manipur , Even to run our 9 Shelter homes where we care for 170 + homeless people & people with severe mental disabilities. 
GOD & ONLY GOD is the answer.
Irrespective of how a few % of people judge me or condemn me , GRACE OF GOD is what matters the most.
I am human and have my faults and I commit mistakes but GOD is a loving GOD and he knows the HEART.
Many times I tell people ” I give GOD the K.O.T , rest GOD delivers ” when I am asked ” how do you manage so many projects “.
Nothing is run by me nor I am not the boss of Street Providence. 
GOD is the boss, I am the servant. 
Our 2nd truck from Goa will leave in 2nd week of September depending on the weather forecast & Surely I will be sending my K.O.T to GOD to get a benefactor to foot the transportation bill of the 2nd truck from Goa.
Incase you reading this post & in the next few days feel that God is talking to you about this bill please listen to God. 
We operate strictly through whstsapp messages only on 8380097564 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848