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FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA has been supporting numerous poor families across Goa with dry ration over a period of 4 years to the best ability that we can afford
The above link will explain you life of the poor and elderly who have no one to support them.☝️
This post is about our Volunteer Mrs Sharon Soares from Canacona.
Last 3 years our NGO ie Street Providence has been taking care of numerous poor ethnic goan families across 7 villages in Canacona.
We have been consistently providing for dry ration kits @ Rs 1000 per kit to 25 families, sometimes even 35 families.
Very poor and sad state of each and every one of these families.
Sharon has been taking care of the delivey & the logistics of the monthly dry ration which is prepacked and at times she even delivers a few families at their door step.
These families are based right from Agonda to Galgibaga and both communities are given this free dry ration.
A few families have been provided new electricity connection which the NGO has borne the costs. 
All major festivals, new clothes are at times given to all these families.
Small small requests for expenses are considered.
Couple of these families were provided free gas cylinders and new stoves last year as they were still cooking on wood due to no valid documents to acquire a gas connection.
All goes through Sharon and she scrutinizes each and every family.
Most of these 25 -35 poor families are either : having some sick member in their family, 
Only the old lady is in the small house ,
Or only husband & wife alone
Some of these families are only depending on the dry ration that Sharon provides.
Few of these families if you see with your eyes will make you wonder ” Does poverty exist in Goa ? “.
And we have numerous such volunteers across different parts of Goa who network with our NGO & Work with hundreds of such poor families either through dry ration or through our Food bank fridges.
Two weeks back , Our Volunteer Mr Arturo Dsouza from Santa Cruz Goa went to Canacona along with Sharon and they distributed 50 flood relief kits along with 35 dry ration kits to these families. 
Arturo  could not believe his eyes what he saw and how poor goans are living & yet the question ” are there any poor goans living in Goa” ?
The video & the above link will explain you how the poor Goan people are currently living right here in Goa.
This post is not for criticism towards anyone but it's to open our own eyes and see how best each one can help another poor Goan family when the system fails the poorest of the poor.
Criticism does not bring any relief to the poor but that same energy if put to use in a constructive manner fills the stomach of the poor.
And that's what we do @ Street Providence be it Goa, Jharkhand, Mizoram, Manipur – we fill in the gaps towards the poor & hungry , the homeless, the people with Disabilities , those in relief camps, the widows, the old & infirmed, etc.
We draw the attention of the administration by filling in the gaps towards the poor and putting something on their plate, a roof on their head,  a hand to hold , a handkerchief to wipe that tear , a home to live in incase family abandoned them, etc.
All our 15 different types operations @ Street Providence is a TEAM based effort with many many volunteers and staff in different roles playing their little part which they do with COMMITMENT & WHOLE HEARTEDLY. 
It's about SERVICE & not a Favour.
One question most of you will have in mind ie 
” how does one raise the resources? “.
Well its the Grace of God & as well the generous benefactors who stand with our NGO in our work last 6 years across so many projects.
God knows whom to send to help me when I need the finances.
Right seeds sown in the right season with the clean intentions will and has to always bring and bear FRUITS.
The same anount of work & effort what we put in in Manipur is equally put in Goa also .
Only difference is the teams are different.
Problem are the same – POVERTY 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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