18.8.23. 8pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA had paid in Imphal on 2.8.23 for dry ration a truck load of 17000 kgs which only reached the final destination on 7.8.2023.
This was the post that I had uploaded on 2.8.23👇 when the truck left IMPHAL for Chandel district along with the picture of the truck.
Logistics and moving of anything and everything is really a big hurdle with endless strikes, bandhs, road blocks,  etc.
Having paid & sent 5 consignments of food grains  purchased in the North East itself I am aware of how long these food grains actually take to reach the camps and the poor displaced villages 
Moving food grains across districts in Manipur is very very difficult, risky and nerve wrecking.
Everywhere local chiefs are kept informed well in advance so as to move freely and safely.
This particular consignment went in a big truck with 30 tonnes of food items of which we had paid for 17 tonnes.
The entire truck moved the full consignment into a particular church for storage and then in smaller 407 tempos, these smaller lots were then moved into various villages situated in Chandel District. 
One such truck broke down in transit to the villages and the food grains had to be loaded onto another truck at night.
This is the areas where our 4th consignment of 17 tonnes food grains were distributed:
☆☆ Beneficiary Area :  KANA AREA, Chandel District
Distribution done by: 
Parish Pastoral Council, Assumption Parish, Kholian , 
Kuki Inpi Chandel District, 
Kuki Students Organisation (KSO), 
Zou Students Organisation (ZSO), 
Kuki Chiefs Association (KCA) Kana Area 
Given to:
🌿3 Relief Camps in Kana Area
🌿 85 poorest families across 52 villages in Kana Area

Total of 505 families benefited from the items.
We always upload all minute details of the work we do in Manipur and Even the details of each of the 505 families will be in documented.
That is how relief work is done by our NGO.
One such truck had a major breakdown and they had to move the stock into another truck at night.👇
Relief work often happens under the cover of darkness as u draw less attention.
We @ Street Providence make sure that our relief material reaches the predetermined destination irrespective of the time delay or any other issues.
I am very strict and particular in taking accountability from the local support team in Manipur.
Things on the ground are very very slowly getting back to normalcy  but it's really hit the poorest of the poor in a big way.
No source of income , fright,  uncertainty, no purchasing power are how most of those in relief camps live at the moment. 
It's almost 3 months and counting but the next 6 months will be the time to stand with those affected as they need to rebuild from scratch.
Your support keeps the relief work going on in Manipur.
We are going to be working in Manipur for another 6 months to one year with relief material being our focus towards the poor and marginalised.
All queries , suggestions,  views and discussions strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848