17.8.23  10am IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA shelter home inmates prays for the soul of Late Mrs Fatima D'souza , wife of Mr Lawrence D' souza , Ret SP @ Goa Police.
♡♡♡ Late Mrs Fatima D'Souza was our unseen and behind the scene benefactor & volunteer.
I have never ever met her which is the most disappointing part but for the last 3 years every month Late Fatima would buy us dry ration and keep at a particular shop and whatsapp the bill.
Every month without fail .
Late Fatima never ever called me on the phone prior to just last week.
I know Sir Lawrence Dsouza, Retd SP,  for over 27 years and during the last few years before he retired we have worked together for the homeless.
A few months back I saw Late Fatima DP which had her husband picture along with her and that's the time I realized that Late Fatima is Sir Lawrence's  wife.
I whatsapp her and she replied ” please don't inform my husband about my support to your NGO as its best to keep it to ourselves “.
What my left hand gives my right hand should not know was her reply. 
And it remained a secret until now.
And I am sure she had been helping quietly many such homes like ours monthly as that was her passion.
She had recommended many benefactors to us and these benefactors are still supporting our NGO.
Just a few days back,  Late Fatima had shared her desire to go to Manipur and for the 1st time we spoke on the phone.
Late Fatima's desire to stay in the camps for a few days was very strong and we decided that we can plan for the future as Sir Lawrence mother is currently unwell and Her presence is much more needed in Goa. 
She understood and I disconnected the call.
This was just few days back conversation.
And now I am assured that Late Fatima is in heaven with the creator as God had different plans which most of us will never ever understand.
One thing I can conclude inspite of i never  meeting here ” her heart was towards the poor , the homeless, the orphans , the destitudes, the abandoned women “.
She would faithfully read my long posts and share it with her friends and family. 
It's was shocking to hear yesterday morning about her passing away.
We @ Street Providence share in the grief of the entire family and pray that God gives them the strength to go forward as Late Fatima was full of life and joy.
Not easy to go on being a benefactor month after month,  year after year , without meeting us on the other side but only keeping track of our work through Social media. 
Till we meet again FATIMA , you will be missed.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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