16.8.2023  7Pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA sends the 1st truck from Goa to Manipur with relief material not easily available in Manipur as of today.

☆ ( 5 other consignments have already gone either from Assam , Nagaland or from Manipur itself ) 
OUR CARDINAL,  REV Fr FILIPE NERI FERRAO was kind enough to drive down to St Diogo Church , Guirim at 10am this morning and bless this truck as it left today for Guwahati.
Our Volunteer Sir Bosco George IPS Retd flagged off this truck.
♡♡♡ We thank DELHIVERY Transport  Company for a fantastic discount towards this truck going to Mizoram as the final destination.
The truck is containing about 12 tonnes of material valued at Rs 18 lacs and has alot of items which was specifically requested to our NGO by DSSS which is a social & relief unit under The Archdiocese of Imphal .
This entire consignment is going strictly to CHURACHANDPUR district in Manipur via Aizawl.
The truck Is containing all these items which are  new and bought by our NGO & well wishers  :
》Cerelac & lactogen 38 crts 
》Organic sanitary pads 3800 
》500 new sleeping mats
》500 new bedsheets 
》500 new mosquito nets 
》Note books & stationary for 250 children 
》Close to Rs 2 lacs worth of innerwear 
In addition We also have sent alot of items which we had  collected through our 19 collection centre's across Goa & also through a drive held at Aldona Institute on Sunday.
All items have been packed product wise in boxes, counted and all specifications listed down on each box by our staff &  the homeless people who stay in our shelter homes. 
In total more than 400 crts & plastic bags have been loaded into this double axel truck going 4000 kms One way from Goa to Aizawl.
As of today our 2nd team has left Aizawl for Goa after spending 4 days understanding how and through what way help can go into CHURACHANDPUR DISTRICT which is bordering Mizoram.
The team is now at Calcutta Airport, returning back to Goa,  while our truck has left for Aizawl enroute through Guwahati
Relief is about proper planning, logistics, transportation, etc.
Very soon the 3rd team will be to Aizawl & Churachandpur overseeing to the distribution of this truck in various camps, where we have been asked to help with these items,  by DSSS. 
After spending 4 days in Mizoram by our team , the reports are very disturbing and sad as huge no. of rural Camps are not getting much help due to slush , rains , bad roads , etc.
It's 3 months to date and everyone is getting physically tired and stressed especially aid workers.
The cries for help especially for infant food for babies and for basic health care towards  women in the camps is beyond ones understanding. 
The road for those in the camps are long and too much of uncertainty.
The fevour is reducing as well as donations are slowing down as everyone has got other priority in life now after 3 months.
But now starts the agony and pain in the camps and we @ Street Providence Goa have assured The DSSS @ The Archdiocese of Imphal that we will attempt to send medicines and as much relief as possible for the next 6 months.
Street Providence is also focusing on education in Manipur for over 300 children who are displaced and DSSS has admitted these children in different Schools. 
Each child's education is Rs 40000 a year and the the entire list of these 300 children has been given to our NGO by DSSS @ The Archdiocese of Imphal.
Street Providence Goa is like the official representative of DSSS in Goa as we the only NGO from Goa non religious / political working on the ground in Manipur last 2 months.
We were the 1st lay persons NGO from Goa  to send dry ration into Manipur purchased locally 
We were the 1st lay person NGO from Goa to send 2 teams into Manipur & Mizoram 
Now we are the 1st lay person NGO to send a truck with relief material  ( not freely available in Manipur) to Aizawl destined for Churachandpur, Manipur.
There will be more trucks sent from Goa with relief material primary focus being on Cerelac & lactogen, etc.
♡♡♡ We thank Sir BOSCO GEORGE ( IPS ) Retd DIG , for taking charge of our entire logistical issues both in Manipur & Mizoram.
Infact Sir Bosco George , has connected our team to the DIG of Mizoram, Sir Silo as well to  our fellow Goan IAS officer Mr Prasana Acharya who is based in Mizoram.
We are also aware that The DGP of Manipur & The ADC to the Governor of Manipur are aware of our relief work in Manipur only because of Sir Bosco George & I am assured that very soon other Government agencies will be supporting our work in Manipur as we Have Sir Bosco George as our full fledged on the ground  volunteer.
Relief work = team work. No one man show.
Please do support us through your donations and let's all thank God that this truck has reached the destiny safely and on time.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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