15.8.2023. 11am IST
♡♡♡ A very Happy Independence day & A Happy Feast Feast of Assumption of Our Blessed Mother Mary.
On the twin occasions of joy and happiness besides being a public holiday we are running 5 projects side by side in 4 different states of Goa, Jharkhand , Mizoram & Manipur.
☆ 1. At Bicholim police station 40 poor families affected by the recent rains in Goa were given flood relief kits.

☆ 2. At Sanjay school Porvorim 50 children with disabilities whose families were affected by the rains were given flood relief kits .

☆ 3. Flavored milk 231 crts are being distributed in poor areas where people with HIV & TB are living below poverty line in South Goa.

☆ 4. One team is in Mizoram providing some relief material in The camps bordering Manipur

☆ 5. A huge truck with relief material is being loaded today for Churachandpur , Manipur leaving tomorrow Goa.

☆ 6. We are in the process of distributing huge no of noodles to poor people in different places in Goa. 

☆ 7. And I am not sure where else supplies are happening on our NGO behalf. 
But belive me daily i keep alot of volunteers & staff on their toes by doing something for the poor either by ourselves or by taking help of other NGO.
But this post is about Jharkhand and below is the link 👇
Street Providence,  Daltonganj, Jharkhand donated 1200 new note books to the children of St Julie Middle School, Gerenja. JHARKHAND on the occassion of India Independence day.
Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas was kind enough to be present and hand over these new note books to 400 poor children in this School.
Our MENs Shelter Home @ Bhusar and this School is very very close and quite often when I  have been to the shelter home I have passed by as well as dropped into the school to understand how I can be off help to these students.
Most of the children are from poor or rather impoverished families, where even to pay the School fees becomes very difficult.
Second most of these children are from remote villages and traveling to school up and down is next to impossible. 
There are 2 boarding hostels for girls and boys in the vicinity of the School and close to 150 of this school childen stay in these hostels, again food, clothing and shelter is required to be paid for by these children.
These 1200 note books were donated by 2 benefactors towards this school. 
Life in rural India as compared to Goa is a big big difference. 
We @ Street Providence Goa are looking to help St Julie Middle School, Gerenja. JHARKHAND in many many ways.
Very soon we are sending 400 pcs each of water bottles, tiffin boxes , children shoes ( most children here I have seen come bare feet or with torn shoes to school) , compass boxes, School bags , etc all which is being collected at a particular school in Goa from students who have excess of the previous year.
And once your mind is aligned to poverty, hunger, homelessness, education , nutrition you automatically reach such places and such issues which makes me wonder ” GOA is The Best.”
Yes we need to highlight the failure of the administration but that 50% energy if we put into doing where the system has failed, then so many lives are benefitted.
One example I want to share:
For Many many years since I was in college I saw old abandoned Street people especially ladies on streets and bus stops.
It irritated and troubled me for years till I started the NGO.
We addressed the problem and did not move away from the problem.
Today We run 5 women shelter Homes in Goa for homeless women and got the government to help these homes.
Yes they may be homeless ladies on the streets, but we are the solution to the problem and today the Goa Police brings such homeless people to our homes. 
We @ Street Providence address the problems be it hunger , homelessness, relief work in camps, education towards the children in rural India , rehabilitation of the people with Disabilities, food banks etc through our services and our work.
We use social media to get help to the projects we run.
Condemning the government for everything does not bring any relief to the poorest of the poor but once the work is done which the government was to do, then that gets the government moving.
For St Julie school in Jharkhand, we can work together to provide them so many basic small necessities starting from school fees & boarding fees to painting their school and the boarding hostels to providing new mats , new bedsheets, new towels, monthly grocery provisions, education material like stationary items.
Winter is approaching across North India and NEW CHILDREN BLANKETS can be one way to help them.
One can also visit the school in Jharkhand and see for one self how one would like or one can help these poor school children to get a little better facilities focus being their education .
No one understands hunger, education & poverty like we do and we try to help the little we can by addressing these problems 
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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