14.8.2023. 10 am IST 
Goans are beginning to understand that the only way to help Manipur inflicted poor people is through donations and prayers.
I Am very touched with so much of help pouring in towards our work in Manipur and here are two instances of how simple Goan people without doubting the integrity of our NGO have come with innovative ideas to support our NGO.
♡ 1. Today Fr Francisco Miranda from chaplain of Our Lady of Candelaria Chapel , BAGA – CALANGUTE is celebrating his 50 years of priesthood and being a senior citizen he has so much of passion for the poor and underprivileged that he insisted that his gift for his anniversary should be donated in kind to the Manipur Relief Camps.
The committee headed by Mr Lawrence and team were more than supportive of this suggestion and got in touch with us as we are the only agency in Goa working directly on the ground inside Manipur.
On behalf of the Golden jubilee Priest, Fr Miranda, the entire committee bought new and paid for :
☆ 500 new bedsheets 
☆ 500 new sleeping mats &
☆ A substantial quantity of ladies inner wear.
I am assured that the silent cries from the Manipur Relief Camps has touched Fr Miranda heart which made him insist that his presents / gifts / donations which were for his 50th priesthood anniversary should go to Manipur relief camps.
♡ 2. A senior citizen celebrates her 80th birthday and informs me well in advance of this box which is attached with this post.
Her invitation is also printed ” NO PRESENTS PLEASE but DONATION towards STREET PROVIDENCE in this box which was kept at the venue of her celebration.
This senior citizen is our benefactors from the time our NGO started and her entire family is supporting our NGO.
I assumed that there will be some small change dropped in the box. I was wrong .
Day of the function I could not make it but next day I picked up the box.
The small change was not there but there was much much more than I could ever believe & I updated the senior citizen of the total as most was in Cheques drawn on Street Providence. 
And as I write this post, the senior citizen has again blessed us today with her own donation.
And these are very touching instances which make me belive that YES there are many many senior citizens inspite of their age or ideas yet they want to help the poorest of the poor.
And these many many senior citizen benefactors do all their correspondence through whatsapp messages only.
As an impatient man which is my drawback, the senior citizens which are our major benefactors are so loving and patient that they follow all instructions as surely they know that I am running low on patience.
I have done a study on people who whatsapp their queries and doubts.
And those who take the trouble to type that whatsapp messages have ended up being our benefactors as and when they want to donate, they donate quietly and these benefactors never ever call or disturb me for unwanted queries.
The birthday lady box donations was used to partly purchase 4 tonnes of dry ration on the last truck which we sent consisting of 17 tonnes as part of our 5th consignment.
People in relief camps Manipur who are displaced requires your support and we are putting in alot of effort to bring that smile on their face.
Relief work in camps across Manipur is not easy task as the logistics is nerve wrecking and it's all about PLANNING & PATIENCE. 
Its a long long road to normalcy in Manipur and the sad part is UNCERTAINTY of many in the camps.
Incase you are planning a function in the next 6 months do keep in mind to give something to the poor displaced people in Manipur. 
You can also use the box as seen in this post and get your friends and relatives to be part of the lives of so many poor displaced people in the camps in Manipur. 
With no offense to all our benefactors , these two touching instances was needed to be highlighted as both these instances are goans who are senior senior citizens and it's not easy for senior citizens to belive everything that they read through social media about our NGO and the work we do.
With numerous non stop inter related and inter state relief work and free services happening everyday at our NGO at times I too wonder and think ” how Is this all really happening “, so one can imagine what and how public following our work must be thinking.
Yes we DARE TO DREAM & we are not doing anyone a Favour in any of our projects.
WE ARE DOING A SERVICE as that's our calling.
All queries strictly through WhatsApp messages only on 8380097564 .
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848