10.8.2023. 7Pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA sends a 3 member team to visit the relief camps in MIZORAM where displaced people are sheltered and taken care in many camps due to the strife in Manipur as well to look into logistical challenges in getting aid into Churachandpur district of Manipur.
The team left Dabolim airport today at 3 pm and will reach Aizawl , capital of Mizoram tomorrow.
This team is headed by Mr John Shilshi , retired 
( IPS ) officer & consists of :
♡ Adv Caroline Collaso (  our Trustee ) &
♡ Mrs Jennifer Pereira  (  Volunteer )
This team is carrying 45 kgs relief aid namely :
☆ Ladies inner wear & 400 pc organic sanitary pads
Logistics and relief aid to Churachandpur is the biggest challenge and this district in Manipur is the worst affected due to the riots.
Close to 90 + camps are currently sheltering thousands of women, children , families.
Totally inaccessible by road from Imphal to Churachandpur inspite of the distance being just 60 kms apart due to the conflict.
When our team was in Imphal a few days back,   they were told that supplies from Imphal to Churachandpur happen by helicopter on Friday & Tuesday.
From Aizawl to Churachandpur is 350 kms One way with the time approx 18 hours for any relief truck to travel and the road is through the jungle.
So you can understand the ground reality for those in Churachandpur district with 90+ camps, thousands of people in camps , no consistent supplies, etc. 
I am not going to write more about the situation in Churachandpur district but what I have picked up from my sources in Churachandpur , the poor & displaced people require help.
And that's the purpose of this team visiting Aizawl.
To find solutions to get relief aid from Mizoram to Churachandpur over the next few months.
But we require your support in the coming months as normalcy is still not in sight in the form of your donations. 
Our relief service in Manipur for over the last 45+  days has-been made possible due to two gentlemen.
Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas , Daltonganj Archdiocese, a Goan &
Mr John Shilshi , Retd ( IPS ), a Manipuri.
Relief work is always a TEAM EFFORT.
For me to get into Manipur in an organized manner was possible due to the introduction of our NGO by Bishop Theodore to the Archbishop of Imphal, Rev Fr Domnic Lumon. 
And we as an NGO are still doing relief work last 45+ days and counting.
Alot of you seeing the conflict in Manipur have that desire to go to Manipur, but belive me, without local ground support, logistics , a plan of action and a focused vision towards the relief work its not going to be beneficial to all.
Since i am associated with Bishop Theodore in Jharkhand in our shelter home , Bishop Is aware of how I think and work so that 1st call which was made was so well received, that Archbishop of Imphal had the right person for me to work with , Fr Francis.
Mr John Shilshi is from the NE and no one knows the NE like John sir, at the back of his hand.
Experience counts and that's where Sir John stands tall in this relief work in Manipur in guiding me here in Goa.
Both Ret IPS officers : 
Sir BOSCO GEORGE & Sir JOHN SHILSHI are wonderful volunteers to have in our team especially during this relief work.
Tomorrow in Mizoram, another top Goan IAS officer will be providing our NGO all possible assistance to make the logistics from Aizawl to Churachandpur a smooth ride in the coming months.
Like I say always RELIEF WORK is TEAM WORK & not a one man show
I am yet to go to MANIPUR & I am not to keen to visit Manipur till the innaugration of our 1st shelter home.
I have my job cut out right here in Goa.
Relief work is more about connecting the dots , co ordinating, sourcing , implementation, executing , feedback and follow up, with one ready to accept suggestions given by the team.
We request you to say a short prayer for the safety of this 3 member team during their visit and stay in Mizoram.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848