9.8.2023. 7Pm IST 
Poor & displaced Children in Manipur require your support to be able to study in school this academic year. 
Please watch the above you tube video to understand our relief work through many projects to those affected by the Violence. 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is working to help many many children to go back to school in this new academic year. 
Due to the unrest , Schools have been destroyed, some may be used as shelters , families may have abandoned their homes and gone else where, etc and children may not be able to continue education. 
Also since last few months no source of income so how will parents afford to admitt the child in Schools? 
Education in Goa is Government aided but in Manipur its not, so the poor and marginalised MAY not be able to access education . 
The Archdiocese of Imphal through DSSS 
( Diocesan Social Service Society ) has placed children in different Schools which were not affected too much by the violence in batches. 
The request has come from The Archdiocese of Manipur to Street Providence Goa to arrange the fees for over 300 such students at the moment. 
The 1st such school Is AVE MARIA school , run by the Sisters of The Blessed Sacrament in KANGPOKPI district which has 65 such displaced children who require your support. 
As they are displaced they can't go home and come back daily to school , so they have to be in a boarding where they are provided food and shelter. 
In this particular school , Each child has a cost to be borne for one year ie Rs 40000 per academic year 
Break up is like this :
Rs 5000 : admission fee , books,  uniforms, etc 
Rs 500 : school fees monthly 
Rs 2500 : boarding fees monthly. 
Once you sponsor a child , we as the NGO will update you the progress report of the sponsored child so that you are aware of the progress. 
Once peace returns to normalcy you can always go to visit this family and provide further help to the family by keeping us in the loop. 
Next year too the same child will require help to go to carry forward the education as this conflict is taking time to settle down. 
We have taken one school at a time to avoid confusion and stress. 
We will create separate whstsapp group for each school and add the teachers and administrators of the school along with the donors for queries and communications keeping our NGO in the loop. 
Please don't call me for any queries but whatsapp me on 8380097564. 
Hear our Volunteer Mr Arturo Dsouza in the video attached and follow instructions by logging into our website www.streetprovidencegoa.com 👇👇
I will be not replying to any unwanted queries not related to this 65 students education and what we have explained in this post and this video is very simple & easy to understand. 
We @ Street Providence have gone beyond providing dry ration, medicines , sanitary pads , ladies inner wear. 
We are now looking towards EDUCATION. 
Next step , we will be looking at low cost small homes for the displaced as well as starting our own shelter homes for the homeless & people with disabilities . 
To all the GOANS supporting our relief work in GOA , INDIA & AROUND THE WORLD & the others also , THIS IS YOUR RELIEF PROJECT. 
Relief is never a one man show but a joint effort by so many stake holders. 
Humble request please don't waste my precious time calling and asking questions but please whatsapp on 8380097564  your query so you know exactly what you are inquiring about. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848