8.8.2023. 7Pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA primary focus is on rehabilitating the poorest of the poor on the streets be it the migrants , the alcoholics, the drug addicts, those with mental disabilities or those just lost and abandoned. 
We care and nurse back to health, those who no one wants and no one cares for.
And I & my team have been doing this FREE SERVICE , faithfully and systematically against all odds and obstacles as I SEE THE SUFFERING CHRIST IN THE POOR.
You need to see GOD in the poor and hungry only then you can feel the LOVE FOR THE POOR.
Off course we feel the frustration , the disappointment, the set backs, but WE FIGHT TO WIN THE BATTLE.
We write hard , we work strong , we go about getting the job done and most of the times THE JOB has to be ACHIEVED come what may.
We know that no matter how bad , sad , pathetic, irritating, disturbing etc the patient is when we accept ” OUR REWARD IS ASSURED ie RECOVERY HAS HAPPENED “.
All our past experiences , the Food,  medication,  human touch , hospital trips , Physiotherapy , the homely feeling, the message that we send out 
” Yes we care for you but you need to do your part” is what makes STREET PROVIDENCE stand tall in this field.
Total team work from day one.
Well the videos and the pictures attached with this post tells it all about ALTAF 👇👇
Altaf was sent to our home 2 years ago from Chicalim Health Centre and Dr ANIL has been doing a HUMANE service to the homeless by taking trouble to find many many homeless people a decent place to stay by requesting us to rehabilitate such abandoned people.
Abandoned, crippled , lost his voice, malnourished, highly alcoholic, once upon a time pain in the neck, rough and destructive, etc
Today within 2 years a fine young healthy man.
WE DARE TO DREAM as nothing is impossible when THE INTENTIONS are right.
Took alot of patience , medication, counseling. Detoxification, putting hard core sense into his head, at times strong language, may be even roughed up.
But today SMILES as ALTAF goes back to his family in his village.
From being totally unable to speak & walk due to excess tobacco and smoking to now atleast audible, ALTAF has fought back everything to be what he is today. 
And last few months ALTAF has paid back our services to his recovery by being an EXCELLENT care giver cleaning , bathing, massaging,  feeding stroke related bed ridden patients as he too was in the same state and others looked after him.
That's REHABILITATION for us @ Street Providence. 
It's drilled into their heads the day they are admitted into the homes.
We rehabilitate Hindus , Catholics, Muslims  and there is no difference in caste Creed or race in our homes.
We belive in humanity and nothing else.
All our shelter homes are run by the homeless street people themselves especially the men's home .
That's the system at Street Providence. 
Your support is what we seek to do what we are called to do best ie “REHABILITATION “.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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