4.8.2023. 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA despatches the 3rd  consignment of general medicines which is a HUGE order for the Churachandpur district of Manipur.
List attached ( if you put the names & qty into Google you will get the pricing and know the value of this consignment).
Infact the supplier did not have in stock about 20% of the medicines ordered.
Churachandpur has close to 100+ camps and one can please listen to our interview which was aired on Herald TV On this link👇👇
which will enlighten you on how our team saw with their eyes and heard 1st hand the issues, which need your help through our NGO.
Infact the order from the Doctor from Churachandpur was too big that we had to reduce it to 50% as we did not have the funds to put down in just this order .
The doctor took 3 days collecting requirements from smaller medical units in Churachandpur and was reluctant to email me the requirements as he also knew the Size of the order was mind blowing. 
Besides the order attached in the list ( which we have reduced by half ) there are numerous injections and vials needed to be flown in ice boxes from Delhi to the nearest airport and that is another huge bill which are trying to see how best it reaches.
This 3rd attached medicine list is going by road from Delhi to Manipur which will only reach its final destination 15 days from now on a higher side.
But the injections have to go by flight and the freight by air is a huge cost considering the distance from Delhi to Manipur. 
Medicines are a big big requirement in any situation be it flood , earthquake , conflict, etc and this district is the worst affected and for over 45 days of our working in relief work in  Manipur we are now able to help the people in Churachandpur.
This was possible all due to the visit of our team members just a few days back led by Ex DIG Mr Bosco George IPS (retd).
Too many poor people including thousands of women & young children in camps and we stand with them in their Pain and sorrow.
Very soon there is another team going to Mizoram & Assam to see how best aid can be organized to Churachandpur as there is alot of demand for help and supplies but the route through Imphal is closed. 
If you hear the interview you will understand more about the life in the camps especially in Churachandpur district. 
We @ Street Providence Goa would not be able to do so much of relief work without the support of the NUMEROUS GOAN BENEFACTORS. 
This relief aid will go on for another 6 months I feel and we request you to stand with us and with those affected in violence in Manipur.
This Relief to Manipur is not a individual project of Street Providence but ITS A RELIEF WORK of GOANS in GOA , INDIA & across the WORLD who have donated , are donating and will donate to the relief work in Manipur. 
You must hear the 1 hour interview to see how we all can come togther in all ways big or small to bring that SMILE back to thousands of little children, women, the sick people , the elderly and those who are just lost .
Whatsapp me only on 8380097564 for anything and everything.
For those who I have cut the call or have refused to answer the call please note ” for you it might have been the only call you made in the day well for me I have just no energy to answer really non relief related and crazy queries which at times are more of irrelevant talk as well as less of relief related issues “.
Everything is on our web page 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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