2.8.2023. 7Pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA today despatches its 4th consignment of 17000 kgs of dry ration in a truck from IMPHAL to CHANDEL.
This ration was bought in Imphal itself by our Food bank and handed over to The Archdiocese of Imphal. 
This truck is carrying : 
》15000 kgs rice & 2000 kgs of onions , potatoes , edible oil , salt, etc.
This dry ration is going through the The Archdiocese of Imphal to the poor families.
Picture attached of the stock & truck 
♡♡♡ Thanking God that it reached safely to the 450 + families in two villages in this chandel district.
Simultaneously on 1.8.23 evening in Kangpokpi district at a relief camp situated at :
Industrial Training Institutes 
Behind DC Office , Kangpokpi town 
430 People ( all ladies) were present who reside in this particular camp , had smiles on their faces
The relief committee handed over in total 400 pcs of organic sanitary pads & Rs 50000 worth of ladies inner wear .
Present at this distribution was :
Mr Joseph, Chairman, ITI Relief Centre ,
SK Paul GS , 
Tingnei Thadou President, Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organisation, 
Chochong , General Secretary, ( KWWO )
A few pictures & a video attached in the collage. 👇👇
Press write up also attached in HILLS HORNBILL EXPRESS newspaper acknowledging our service in Kangpokpi district also attached.
This particular camp was visited by our team members when they were in Manipur last week & they understood that need for sanitary pads & ladies inner wear and based on their report the same was distributed.
Infact in the coming few days , in this particular town of KANGPOKPI there are 3 other such camps and we have asked the relief committee to procure ladies and Gents inner wear for all those in need on these 3 camps along with sanitary pads. 
There was much joy and smiles on the ladies faces when the distribution happened in this camp.
Imagine when they escaped on the Night of the riot , they did not have much clothing or things to take with them.
Practically in all camps this is one demand for
Usually in many relief situations this item of ladies inner wear as well as sanitary pads is not thought about but for hygiene purposes these items are highly needed .
We @ Street Providence Goa thank so many benefactors who have stood by us and understood the plight of the poor suffering people in camps at Manipur and are coming forward to help us raise resources to foot the bills.
We are the only GOAN NGO working for over a month in Manipur and we are always uploading and reporting where we are giving what material and who is associated with us.
The benefactors should see and know, how and where their donations are going.
We are updating you that this is going to be a humanitarian issue for another 6 months to a year and we intend to work with aid as long as there are requests from our associates in Manipur.
You need to keep supporting our work as most of the times I have seen ” alot of people come into such situations with alot of enthusiasm and loud noises but quickly loose steam and wither away “.
This relief work is not about Street Providence but ITS ABOUT THE GENEROUS BENEFACTORS, 90% are GOANS, who are standing with the violence affected poor people especially the ladies and the children in Manipur. 
We intend to do alot for the women & children who are literally struggling in camps with nothing to look forward too as there is nothing to go back too.
All destroyed and turned to ashes.
And my estimate is anything between 15000 to 20000 ladies and say 5000 to 10000 children will be needing help in the near future.
If you understand HUNGER & HOMELESSNESS like me then it's time to pledge your support monthly for the next few months to bring that smile back to those in need of your help.
Please keep all and every query , doubt , clarification only through whstsapp messages on 8380097564.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848