31.7.23. 7pm. IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA , had sent a team to Manipur to go to the ground level on 20.7.23 and see how best and in which way help can be given not only at dry ration , medicines, etc but beyond that.
The team was headed by :
♡ Mr Bosco George IPS ( Ret ) 

And also on board was :
♡ Adv Caroline Collaso ( our Trustee )
♡ Mr Arturo Dsouza ( environmentalist )
♡ Fr Clifford Castellino ( Parish Priest of Corgao )
♡ Mr Joseph Fernandes ( well wisher / supporter )
One thing I would Like to share ie when this trip was planned and confirmed on 15.7.2023 , things in Imphal were very shaky as there was a 3 day shut down just on the day we booked the ticket.
On 24.7.23 , there was again some issues on the ground in Imphal & neighboring state.
But with the Grace of God , the entire trip went on peacefully and no trouble of any kind was experienced by the team.
Right from 15.7.2023 till 24.7.2023,  I was twiddling my fingers and just wondering ” if there is an issue and something goes wrong, I will be blamed and my name will get spoilt “.
” What will I answer their families ? “
Many times my wife asked me ” are you sure this is the right decision ? “
Well Thats FAITH for me .
GOD was in control. 
Its easy to write all this , but I PLANTED THE RIGHT SEEDS, which was to BRING more SMILES to those in THE RELIEF CAMPS.
♡♡♡ Today we present you the experience of Mr Joseph Fernandes our well wisher/ volunteer.
Joseph was the last minute addition and he was there for a purpose ie ”  to capture the moments “
Today after the team has come back , I feel relieved and I have taken all their views and observations and implemented the most deserving ones.
With Logistics being the biggest issue its only PATIENCE which hold the key to the people in the  RELIEF CAMPS getting more smiles through the aid we are sending.
These poor people in Relief camps are looking at your help and support in the coming days, weeks & months as these are the poorest of the poor.
This relief work can even extend upto 6 months or even a year.
If you understand HUNGER & HOMELESSNESS like me then it's time to pledge your support monthly for the next few moths to bring that smile back to those in need of your help.
Please keep all and every query , doubt , clarification only through whstsapp messages on 8380097564.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848