5.8.23  7Pm IST
The service of Street Providence Goa as a Shelter Home for the Goan senior citizens , homeless and people who have no to care for was appreciated in the GOA LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY during the current assembly session
And this appreciation was spoken about by none other than The Social Welfare Minister of The Government of Goa,  Mr Subhash Phal Dessai. 

I am playing the 2 minutes video where The Honourable MLA of Velim constituency raised a very touching and prevalent question and The Honourable Social Welfare Minister replied to him by stating Street Providence runs many such homes in Goa.
We have 8 such Homes In Goa and of the 165+ people on these homes , of which close to 110 are our GOANS and in total 135 are suffering from disabilities. 
The 9th Home is starting very soon which can hold another 10 Goans with disabilites and homeless or lonely.
Our association with the Honourable Minister of Social Welfare Department is just 1 year old.
I am not his voter neither had I ever met him before.
But in this one year ,The Minister has innaugrated our 2 Physiotherapy centre's for the old Goan & homeless people with disabilites. 
Of which one Physiotherapy unit has been approved , fully funded for the equipment and the grant for Mar end 2023 has been released in full by the Department of Social Welfare. 
The second Physiotherapy unit we are expecting the grant by this month. 
These Physiotherapy centre's are catering to the old Goan and homeless people in our shelter homes.
The Social Welfare Department has also funded our one men shelter home for 10 men with disabilities under Jeevan Jyoti for 23- 24 and advance has been released for April 23 – Sept 23.
We have submitted two more files to the Social Welfare Department to Start two more men's home under Jeevan Jyoti scheme and we are sure it will be approved.
In December 22 , our NGO was awarded the Best NGO in Goa , by the Social Welfare Department,  Government of Goa at the hands of The Honourable Chief Minister of Goa.
In one instance,  a particular Dy Director of a department ( not under Social Welfare) was just troubling me for unwanted reasons and this  home was having all elderly Goans with severe disabilities.
I was on the verge of closing this home as the Dy Director of the Department was not understanding the issues inspite of all my paperwork being 90% proper.
I out of frustration called The Social Welfare Minister and he heard , understood and drove to this office without informing anyone , climbed up the many floors and took the Dy Director to task with he even ready to call up the Respective Minister and The CM.
With God's Grace, Dy Director understood.
One nice quality of the Social Welfare Minister Is he is approachable and understands complaints especially when the topic is DISABILITIES.
With huge no. of people with disabilites and no free shelter homes for such Poor Goans with disabilites as well as the homeless, we @ Street Providence are filing the gap which the Social Welfare Department should have been doing.
But we did not shout, agitate , condemn etc the Department but we quietly and consistently went about opening 9 such homes but at the same time knocked on the doors of the Social Welfare Department showcasing our work.
Today I request The Honourable MLA of VELIM to arrange one such home in his constituency and we will be happy to run this home with the support of the Social Welfare Department for the poor goans who may be homeless and suffering from disabilities from that constituency.
There is a misconception in public minds 
” Government is not giving funds for NGOs “, but here we are having alot of support both from Social Welfare Department & Women and Child Department and I can vouch that Grant's are released in time.
We are ready to even start homes for the beggars as that's a big issue in all cities of Goa but let the request come through the Social Welfare Department. 
We have chosen the complicated & difficult SERVICE of providing FREE CARE , STAY , MEDICINES , PHYSIOTHERAPY to our poor goans senior citizens and those suffering from disabilities which has caught the attention of the Government as there is no one besides our NGO in GOA looking after for FREE such horrible and terrible cases of abandonment & loneliness.
Once again to be spoken about in the ASSEMBLY is a big moment of joy for a very small and young NGO and we are surely going to start more such FREE HOMES with the support of The Social Welfare Department,  Government of Goa.
You can understand all about our numerous projects by looking up our website
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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