13th July 2023, 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is starting a FREE home for poor ladies suffering from Autism & Downsyndrome in Goa.
At Street Providence, our primary focus is providing free full-time rehabilitation to the poorest of the poor Goans suffering from disabilities and those who are homeless on the streets.
We currently run 8 shelter homes in Goa, 
☆ 4 for men and 
☆ 4 for women. 
With the addition of this new home, we will be running 9 FREE shelter homes in Goa for the poorest of the poor Goans and those suffering from mental, physical, and intellectual disabilities.
The majority of the inmates in our homes, over 130 out of 165, are suffering from chronic mental disabilities, followed by acute alcoholism and mild drug abuse.
We provide rehabilitation for people suffering from various conditions, including:
– Paranoid Schizophrenia
– Severe Schizophrenia
– Maniacs
– Bipolar disorder
– Chronic alcoholism
– Drug abuse
– Physical disabilities
Starting a full-fledged long stay home for men and women suffering from Autism, Downsyndrome, Parkinson's, and Dementia has always been a dream for us. 
And now, one of those dreams is finally coming true. 
The 1st such FULL FLEDGED LONG STAY HOME (absolutely free for the poorest of the poor Goans) will be for WOMEN suffering from AUTISM & DOWNSYNDROME.
Caring for people with disabilities is often considered difficult, especially when it's just one person at our home. 
But at Street Providence, we have taken up this service as a challenge to care for the poorest of the poor with disabilities because WE DARE TO DREAM.
This dream has been made possible due ♡ to the Grace of God, 
♡ our Trustees & dedicated staff, 
♡ Women & Child Dept of the Government of Goa, 
♡ Social Welfare Dept of the Government of Goa, 
♡ Health Department of the Government of Goa, The IPHB Bambolim, 
♡ Office of The Goa State Disability Commission, 
& Our numerous generous benefactors.
We have mastered the service of caring for poor people with mental disabilities. 
Now, it's time to use the goodwill generated by our NGO to serve and care for the poorest of the poor Goans suffering from disabilities such as Autism, Downsyndrome, Parkinson's, and Dementia.
For professionals who have expertise in dealing with Autism & Downsyndrome adults, please consider offering your services to this home on a voluntary basis or at a minimum charge, as this is a FREE home for the poorest of the poor.
Our team and I are excited to have finally overcome the major obstacle of caring only for people with mental and physical disabilities after 5 long years of running shelter homes.
There is a lot to learn in this service of caring for the ladies suffering from Autism & Downsyndrome. 
This house needs a few household accessories, both electrical and electronic, to cater to the needs of these poor ladies. Any help, including running costs and other expenses, is welcome.
Please visit our website at to learn more about our NGO, including the relief work in Manipur. 
We operate strictly through WhatsApp messages only, so please avoid calling unnecessarily. 
Feel free to contact us at 8380097564 only through whatsapp messages.
God bless you so much.
Donald Fernandes
8380097564 / 7020314848