11.7.2023 7pm IST 
On 9th July 2023, at the Relief Camp @ HEINGANG MAKHA LEIKAI, Food Bank for the Poor Sangolda Goa, in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Imphal, distributed dry ration to those in need. This was our first consignment for the relief work in Manipur. 
We had procured and paid for the first consignment on 23rd June 2023 directly from a vendor in Manipur. 
You can find the details of the post we uploaded on that day at this link: 
On 9th July 2023, our staff, along with the team from the Archdiocese of Imphal, distributed the relief material from our first consignment to 2 relief camps and 3 villages in Manipur. 
These locations include 
☆ Heingang, 
☆ Sekmai,
☆ Dolaithabi/Leitanpokpi, 
☆ Kakching Khunou, and 
☆ Lamlongei. 
Each camp and village received 5-6 bags of rice and 2 bags of green peas. 
Our first consignment consisted of 32 bags of rice, 10 bags of green peas, and 3 tins of oil. 
Logistics pose a major challenge in Manipur, including weather conditions, distance, unrest, sourcing materials from reliable vendors, storage, and ensuring timely delivery to the right people. 
The lack of internet and connectivity further complicates the situation. 
While we choose not to focus on the negative issues that cause fright and uneasiness, we must believe that peace is already restored in Manipur. 
Our staff, along with the priest from DSSS and a few volunteers, successfully delivered the 32 bags of rice, 10 bags of peas, and 3 tins of oil to the relief camps and villages. 
One of the pictures shared shows the total number of people in one particular camp on 9th July 2023. 
In this district alone, there are approximately 51 camps, accommodating a minimum of 100 people and a maximum of 200 people each. 
The situation is challenging for the affected individuals, with close to 60+ days having passed and the weather remaining rainy and cold. 
At Street Providence Goa, we are doing our best to raise resources and other materials through our drive to bring a little smile to these poor people who have nowhere else to go. 
We have attached a few pictures of the first relief material distributed at The Relief Camp @ HEINGANG MAKHA LEIKAI, Kangpokpi District. 
We humbly request your continuous support, prayers, well wishes, forwarding of our messages, and donations. 
We appreciate you being a part of this cause. 
We would like to acknowledge our collaboration with the Archdiocese of Imphal and the District administration, as they are crucial in our relief efforts. 
We urge you to join us in daring to dream and making a positive impact as we DARE TO DREAM. 
For exclusive communication, please reach out to us via WhatsApp messages at 8380097564. 
Please note that all donations are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. We kindly request you to provide a copy of your PAN card. 
For more information and updates, please visit our website at www.streetprovidencegoa.com
May God bless you all. 
Donald Fernandes
Food Bank for the Poor Sangolda Goa
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