14.7.2023 7 PM IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA acknowledges its commitment to providing rehabilitation to homeless individuals in Goa under the condition that they obtain a letter from a police station confirming their homelessness. 
I want to share with you the story of a young man named Moses who is currently facing a colostomy issue. 
This condition involves a surgical procedure where his intestine is cut, and he carries a colostomy bag attached to his stomach to collect waste. He regularly needs to empty the bag into a toilet and replace it with a new one to pass stools. 
Moses is not only homeless, but he is also extremely ill. 
His situation is heart-wrenching, and I won't delve into the details to spare you the pain. 
A few days ago, we received a call from Moses, and without hesitation, we agreed to take him into our home. 
However, his case is not an easy one to handle due to the complexities associated with his colostomy and other health issues. 
Just try to imagine the physical and mental suffering he endures. Despite being educated, Moses has fallen on hard times and is in a wretched state both mentally and physically. 
The disappointment of his homelessness has taken a toll on his mental health to the point where he even contemplated suicide. 
We assured him that we would care for him, and that gave him some respite. 
Just a couple of days ago, we welcomed him into our home, but his hygiene condition, possibly from where he had come, was far from satisfactory. 
As a result, he was readmitted to the government hospital today, as our shelter home was ill-equipped to handle his complexities. 
Currently, Moses is alone in the government hospital, receiving treatment. 
Unfortunately, we cannot afford to admit him to a private clinic that specializes in this type of treatment, as it is an expensive endeavor. 
He requires extensive medical care and professional treatment to regain his strength. 
However, our homes are already overloaded, and the relentless rains exacerbate the situation. 
I was informed that Moses sought help from other homes, but due to his condition, he was turned away. He eventually found his way to our home, which was his last resort for assistance. 
Every day, we encounter various requests for rehabilitation from both men and women, and 95% of the time, we agree to help, provided there is proper documentation demonstrating their homeless status. 
Some of these requests are so heartbreaking, disturbing, and pathetic that it's difficult to comprehend how the impoverished and homeless manage to survive with such complex and debilitating medical conditions on the streets. 
We have successfully rehabilitated a couple of cases involving colostomy patients, so we are well aware of the challenges such cases present. 
From the foul smells to the constant need for hygiene maintenance, the pain, discomfort, and other illnesses associated with colostomy can be overwhelming. 
Furthermore, it's important to note that colostomy is a lifelong condition, which often compels mental health issues to arise alongside physical struggles, such as kidney stones. 
I must stress to those who excessively consume alcohol that this is often how one ends up needing a colostomy bag. 
Young individuals and youth, in particular, should be cautious and refrain from excessive alcohol consumption, as it can cause severe damage to various parts of the body, including the need for intestinal resection. 
In the coming days, we are uncertain about Moses' medical condition. However, it is crucial that he be transferred to a reputable private hospital as soon as possible, where he can receive the best treatment available to combat his colostomy issue. 
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God bless you all. 
Donald Fernandes
8380097564 / 7020314848