23.6.23. 7Pm IST 
Today our Food Bank for the poor Sangolda, Goa sowed in Manipur on ground Zero :
☆ 32 bags of rice 
☆ 10 bags of whole peas
☆ 3 tins of cooking oil 
( prices were almost double as we bought from the local wholesaler ) .
For the amount we sowed, the quantity should have been much more, but due to economic blockade, the prices are rising and alot of goods are coming across the border adding to the price rise due to transport cost.
A small start to those who definitely are in need of help.
We intend to extend our work for the next few months and eventually we intend to set up a few shelter homes for the people with Disabilities in Manipur along with food banks.
Food bank for the Poor Sangolda Goa sets up  small food bank like facility in districts of Manipur to provide dry ration, grocery & basic medication to various people in shelters.
We are associating, collaborating, assisting and 
working with Roman Catholic Church in Manipur.
Food is an essential aspect of life as well as medications. 
Working last 5 years in Goa and running a registered Food Bank as well as rehabilitating homeless people with mental disabilities makes us feel the need to reach out to those in Manipur who might be in need of help.
Infact this year in Dec 2022 , The Government of Goa, awarded our NGO as the BEST NGO at the hands of The Honourable Chief Minister of Goa. 
Surely there will be people turning homeless or people with disabilites suffering for want of food & medications and we are committed to support this section of society.
It's not an easy place at the moment to offer our services but all challenges are worth the effort.
We have to come out of our comfort zone to reach out to those in need.
The basic food requirements are :
☆ Rice 
☆ Dal / whole peas
☆ Onions 
☆ Potatoes 
☆ Edible oil. 
Simple life style and simple diet.
If we get an entire truck load of 13 tonnes into any district with the above items the cost reduces by over 40%.
That means transportation is the main factor as the goods into Manipur moves through 2 other states before the final destination is reached.
Medications will be all GENERIC which will be flown in from Delhi, as we buy alot of medicines for our shelter homes from Delhi for those with psychiatric issues in our shelter homes and this pharmacy provides us 1 month credit with door delivery but GENERIC in nature.
Few of our volunteers who have been with me right through the Kerala Flood relief as well as the Covid 19 period, will be going to Manipur in due course of time to help in the distribution and other relief works and to advice me the plan we need to focus on in the future once peace returns
◇ 1. Kerala flood relief in 2018, our food bank sent 13 truck loads of relief material to different districts in Kerala worth close to Rs 1.5 crorers.

◇ 2. Lockdown of Covid 19 , we distributed close to Rs. 1 crore worth of Dry ration & relief material including oxygen cylinders, Ambulances, etc in Goa.

◇ 3. Plus we were the only NGO in GOA taking in close to 150 homeless street people into our shelter homes for rehabilitation during the entire Covid 19 lockdown.
At this time if you reading this message , feel like me for the poor, hungry , sick and people with disabilites in Manipur then you know WE CAN JOIN HANDS in doing the little we can.
As we eat our meal tonight or tomorrow or in the coming few days, or as we celebrate our functions, please do think about putting aside a little, towards our services in Manipur.
Due to Internet shutdown, we are unable to post pictures but once things get back to normal, all our activity in Manipur will be uploaded on our website.
Try avoid calling , but please whatsapp only for any queries on 8380097564.
We offer you Income tax exemption on your donations under Section 80G but for your donation we require your pan card copy. 
We don't have FCRA so those intending to send from abroad please don't send through any exchange like WU or RIA.
We can sort this issue out on a one to one basis.
If you have any queries please do whatsapp me on 8380097564 .
Goa is on the West Coast & Manipur is Far East.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848