24.6.2023. 9Pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA Goa collaborates witb FMCK Sisters, Goa , to provide TEMPORARY shelter to refugee families of the MANIPUR conflict , should the need arise in GOA.
♡♡♡ I expresses my gratitude to Sr. Fatima Rodrigues, Superior General of FMCK, for understanding my request to provide shelter to the refugees from Manipur in case of any request, which will be routed through our NGO.
Within a mere 24 hours of initiating relief efforts for the homeless and disabled in Manipur, our local team encountered  families with young children in dire circumstances.
With no viable options other than facing homelessness or wandering aimlessly, these families were in urgent need of assistance.
Since setting up shelter homes for the homeless in Manipur would take time, we decided to temporarily accommodate such families in Goa as per the request of our local volunteers and team members at  Manipur, and our MANIPURI ADVISOR who is taken on board for the entire MANIPUR relief & rehabilitation program which we understand might take a few months to stabilise.
However, housing posed a challenge, as our existing homes were specifically for people with disabilities and the homeless.
In this regard, we approached our collaborators at FMCK and requested some further more space in Goa to accommodate these families until they can safely return to Manipur in the future.
Without hesitation, Sr. Fatima promptly responded with a resounding YES, opening the doors of her one FMCK home in Goa exclusively for the refugees.
Basically we have 3 rehabilitation homes for the homeless in Goa whicb are rented out to our NGO at a nominal cost from FMCK , which currently provide rehabilitation to approximately 20 women in 2 homes , 25 men in one home, including 30 local ethnic Goans suffering from homelessness and disabilities in these 3 homes put togther.
Throughout our five years of collaboration with FMCK sisters, we have maintained a healthy
Landlord-tenant relationship. 
In times of crisis, Goa, known as a safe place, attracts people seeking refuge. 
Consequently, individuals/ families arriving in Goa with their families, especially those loitering on the streets, are often spotted by the police who reach out to us for assistance.
We are preparing ourselves to address this inevitable situation, particularly during the challenging monsoon season. 
My sources in different NE states tell me that there will be a requirement for temporary rehabilitation for the refugees.
We kindly request all members of CRI in Goa to kindly follow FMCK's lead and join hands with either witb us to accommodate families facing incomprehensible circumstances or to open up a few rooms.
All operational costs will be borne by our NGO incase of collaboration with our NGO.
We solely require the space to temporarily house these families, should the need arise on a temporary basis along with an incharge.
We are open to exploring various options and arrangements on a case-by-case basis.
Moreover, if any individuals in Goa possess unoccupied and habitable rooms, houses, or buildings, we urge them to partner with our NGO should the need arise. 
It is an opportune moment to sow seeds of love and peace.
In our rehabilitation program, we welcome ,   rehabilitate & care for individuals of all religions, including Hindus, Christians, and Muslims, comprising both men and women. 
Presently, our organization houses 165 + people from Goa and approximately 11 other states, including the North East, all of whom have been duly admitted by the Goa Police in our 8 shelter homes across Goa for the homeless and those with disabilities. 
We implore you to extend your support in whatever capacity you can to assist those in need. 
We are working on the ground in Manipur in a very big way by providing ration, medicines and shelter if the need arises, which is bound to happen.
Together, let us stand united in supporting all those who require help.
Your prayers, wishes, good thoughts , forwarding our messages to your friends and relatives along with your donation is what we ask from you.
We operate strictly through whstsapp messages only on 8380097564 so please avoid calling unnecessarily.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848