22.6.2023  7 PM IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA not only focuses on rehabilitation of the people with Disabilities but we also impart VOCATIONAL TRAINING.
With the help of a PROFESSIONAL VOCATIONAL TRAINER and these small sessions you get those  little smile on the faces of the women who feel that they can DO IT.
Attached a 30 sec video which you must see.👇
☆ Session Topic :- Yarn wrapped bottle with pompom flowers 
☆ Total inmates :- 07 ( 6 are ethnic goans )
☆ Active inmates :-04 
☆ Inactive inmates :-03
☆ Time taken :-  10:45 to 12:30
All the 7 ladies who were imparted the session are on medium ( 6 tablets) to heavy ( 12 tablets) of psychiatric medication and what they have produced is not an easy task to achieve at their mental state.
Just like we have Physiotherapy sessions at our Physiotherapy centre's we also conduct VOCATIONAL TRAINING Sessions in our shelter homes for ladies.
We are fortunate to have a talented , young , committed and caring VOCATIONAL TRAINER, Mrs Dhanashri who we hired during the last few months to impart training to all the ladies in our shelter Homes. 
Mrs Dhanashri takes sessions of :
》Flower making 
》Playing games 
》Paper craft work 
》Flower making 
At times I know it gets tough as their medications gets them drowsy or they just have mood swings but we DARE TO DREAM and persistence is the key.
Usually one understands that shelter homes with people with disabilites means just lock them up .
But @ Street Providence we include :
☆ Physiotherapy sessions 
☆ Vocational training sessions 
☆ Counseling sessions 
☆ Outings sessions 
☆ Gardening activities 
Soon we will be adding :
◇ Live stock rearing 
◇ Agriculture techniques 
◇ Tailoring and sewing sessions 
◇ Computer classes 
◇ Painting & drawing classes
Today we have close to 55 lady inmates and by this year end we will be caring and rehabilitating close to 100 ladies suffering from mental & intellectual disabilities and it's time to EMPOWER THE WOMEN in our homes suffering from disabilities. 
90 % of 165 + inmates are cared for absolutely FREE as they are poor and abandoned and of the 165 + inmates  ” close to 105 + are ethnic local poor goans “.
There was a time I was apprehensive to starting, running and caring for women suffering from disabilities as they can be difficult to handle at time.
But from slowly running only 1 women home , 
learning from our shortfall and mistakes, employing professionals, 
listening to advice from various sections of qualified professionals &
the availability of funding under CSR activities, 
Today we run 4 shelter homes for women with disabilities & I have challenged myself TO DREAM BIG & EMPOWER WOMEN in our 4 Shelter Homes. 
We are very soon starting homes for women suffering from AUTISM & DOWN SYNDROME and it will be challenging but yet possible to take care of such ladies with these disabilities.
We all need to come out of our COMFORT ZONE and to bring that little smile on the faces on those who are suffering from disabilities and have no one to take care of themselves as they are a burden to their families because they don't take or are not administered their medications on time.
Your support is what drives us @ Street Providence Goa to look after close to 165 + men & women in our 8 shelter homes in Goa.
Do support us in whatever way you can.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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