20.6.2023.  7Pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA completes 1 full year of running a full fledged FREE PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTRE @ Sangolda for the homeless street people with disabilities.
On 17.6. 2022 , we started on a soft note a small Physiotherapy centre at Sangolda which was officially innaugrated on 23.8.2022 by The Honourable Social Welfare Minister of Goa, Shri Subhash Phal Dessai in the presence of The Disability Commissioner of Goa Shri Guru Pawaskar.
This is the link of the innaugration of our 1st Physiotherapy unit .
Whatever the Minister & Disability Commissioner spoke at the innaugration has actually translated into reality where our NGO is concerned.
And from this one Physiotherapy centre we have added 2 more Physiotherapy centre's in Goa.
Yes in the last 12 months,  we now run 3 full fledged Physiotherapy centre's in Goa, strictly FREE of cost for the poor & homeless street people with disabilities living in all our 8 shelter homes.
And these 3 Physiotherapy centre's conducted 1600 sessions in this 12 months.
List attached of the breakup unit wise/ month wise.
This 1st Physiotherapy centre @ Sangolda was made possible by the families of two people who are bereaved.
My late sister in law Dr Gail & her husband who was kind enough to give me & my family this big property and late Mrs Ditosa husband who funded the entire renovation of this 200 sq mt unit.
Initially to start this 1st Physiotherapy centre we required equipment and Mr Varun Albuquerque from Alcons was generous enough to sponsor the equipment along with a GOAN well Wisher from Pune who donated the balance equipment for which we are always thankful.
Today with all humility, I  thank The Social Welfare Department @ Government of Goa for funding this 1st Physiotherapy centre of 
Rs 5 lacs  as well as clearing all our bills within the prescribed limit of the grant from Oct 22 to March 23 ie The Physiotherapist salary & a cleaner wages.
Our expenses for 6 months ie Oct 22 to Mar 23 was credited to our account in the month of May 23 as we submitted our bills and accounts mid April 23.
The support and commitment shown by the Social Welfare Department , Government of Goa headed by The Minister Subhash Phal Dessai is encouraging and motivating.
So much so that in early December 22 , we started on the same day, two more such units in South Goa.
One at our Quepem shelter home and another at our Cavelossim shelter home. 
Infact, The Minister for Social Welfare, Mr Subhash Phal Dessai Innaugrated the Quepem Physiotherapy centre at 10 am.
And on the same day , The Member of Parliament , South Goa, Mr Francisco Sardinha , innaugrated the Cavelossim Physiotherapy centre at 12 pm in the presence of Benaulim MLA Mr Venzy Viegas.
Just like we run shelter homes for the homeless & food bank fridges to feed the homeless, we also run Physiotherapy centre's for the homeless.
Alcohol and substance abuse is the main causes of the people ( men ) reaching the streets and then they develop symptoms of disabilities.
So much so that most of the homeless In our mens homes are totally suffering from muscle issues in their legs which make them unable to stand and walk , all because of alcohol consumption.
In such cases I was unable to do much in their detoxification period as they just could not walk or even stand properly.
That's when I was inspired to start Physiotherapy centre's.
And today , these 3 Physiotherapy centre's are playing a big part in the rehabilitation of the 165+ homeless people in all our 8 shelter homes.
Running these Physiotherapy centre's is not easy and there is a Cost.
Only 1 unit is funded by the Government and the Physiotherapist salary of this unit is funded only 50% of what we actually pay the Physiotherapist.
♡♡♡ A big thanks to Dr Ashton a young budding Physiotherapist from Santa Cruz who helped me in setting up all 3 units and linking me up witn the Physiotherapist in all 3 units.
Not to forget our Supplier Mr Bhavesh for the credit period offered and still he offers credit.
Our Sangolda Unit takes care of the homeless In our 5 homes in North Goa. 
Our Quepem unit takes care of the homeless In the Quepem home.
Our Cavelossim unit takes care of the homeless In our 2 homes in Cavelossim.
The most complicated unit is at Sangolda as all the inmates from our 5 shelter homes in North Goa are daily transported by Car / Ambulance from the homes to this unit at Sangolda, where the Physiotherapist Miss Charmaine from porvorim treats them with much love & care.
Some are Wheeled in on wheelchairs , some are brought on stretchers from our shelter homes in North Goa, but everyone walks away after a few sessions of Physiotherapy witn confidence and pride.
Imaging daily bring 5 to 6 homeless people suffering from mental disabilities as well as physical pain for Physiotherapy.
Care givers and attendants too are brought along with these 5 to 6 people for Physiotherapy & imagine the transportation up and down and it happens all 6 days a week.
But there is joy and self satisfaction when the final session ends and the homeless person is smiling and enjoying the end of the pain.
Have you ever heard of any Shelter home in Goa or even India offering free Physiotherapy sessions for the poor & homeless street people with disabilities ?
Like I said above, Physiotherapy is not an easy or cheap service, as the Physiotherapist has to be paid a Salary.
And we successful conducted 1600 sessions of Physiotherapy for the homeless In 1 full year.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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