15.6.2023. 5pm IST
Recently we took into our women shelter home a young Maharashtrian lady who has gone through endless pains caused due to excess addiction to alcohol.
》Marriage at the age of  22 years,
》She Divorced her husband at 26 years,
》Has a 9 year old child in custody of her husband,
》Mother died within 1 month of her marriage due to alcohol,
》Only sibling is divorced also & an alcoholic,
》No permanent home or any family members.
Introduced to alcohol by her ex husband who is also an alcoholic. 
Determined to fight alcohol and wishes to stand strong in life.
Educated well , has the capacity to work, wants to be independent, but due to no control over her emotions ends up consuming excess alcohol & that has even damaged her liver.
Worked in different places to survive after being divorced, but meets the wrong person who plays on her emotions and that leads to excess drinking.
Twice admitted by Police into IPHB as excess drinking caused her to reach & fall on the streets
Few months back again got emotionally disturbed and excess drinking caused her to get herself ” self admitted into IPHB “.
But this time requested for help ” to get rehabilitated in a home where she can put her educational qualifications to use and get a job too while staying in the rehabilitation home “.
And that was only ” STREET PROVIDENCE GOA “.
I just thank God that this young lady after getting self discharged used her mind to reach a rehabilitation Home and take help for her excess alcoholic habits rather reaching the streets where she could have been exploited and hurt.
This lady after being admitted many times into IPHB has heard of our SHELTER HOME and our rehabilitation programs & to my surprise she knows quite a lot of ladies who are rehabilitated in our ladies shelter homes.
At the moment lady is on quite alot of psychiatric medications as the excess alcohol has or might have effected her cells resulting in her getting hallucinations, hearing voices, sleep loss ,etc.
Not going to be easy for her as she is highly educated but she has no choice but to detoxify  completely and stay in a rehabilitation Home for a few years as well get a small job in the rehabilitation home as that will keep her steady with timely medications, follow up at the IPHB, periodical blood tests as well as a complete nutrition program as she could have damaged her internal organs due to excess alcohol.
Incase she had not entered a rehabilitation Home , her condition could have got worse as she could have ended up again in alcohol, her mental stability could have worsened, that could can lead to anger and abusive nature, which can lead to crime and then that can land one in Jail.
Handling alot of such homeless cases in the last 5 years of our rehabilitation program, I have seen, understood , stabilised,  helped quite a few men & women to get back on track.
On the flip side I have failed, as many times those in alcohol & substance abuse refuse to belive they need help and most of these types of people end up back on the streets or just wander around till their medical condition deteriorates that one day they will kick the bucket.
This Maharashtrain lady accepts and recognises that she has a serous alcoholic issue which is turning her psychiatric and she wants help to fight this alcoholic issues and that makes our rehabilitation program come into good effect for her to recover and get her life back in the due course of time.
Those in alcohol mostly suffer from diabetics and we have 26 % population of goa suffering from diabetics which is very high.
Too much of alcohol & substance abuse leads to mental breakdown which is also in the rise.
The after effects of excess alcohol & substance abuse is destroying people as young as 22 years of age and above
We @ Street Providence Goa stands with such sad & lonely people who have messed up their own lives and who today are in need of a Hand to go through their difficult phases of their lives.
It's not easy but it's challenging, living and caring for such people who have no one else to fall back and the world is ready to swallow and destroy such vulnerable people either by destroying their bodies or pushing them into the flesh trade or trafficking them.
We @ Steeet Providence are doing the little we can to bring a change in the lives of the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable section of society.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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