12.6.2023. 7pm IST 
A little help from you can bring huge joy in the life of this young, pregnant , single , widow , to be mother and her unborn child.
Phone rings at 9.30 pm last night.
Call from Goa Police @ Old Goa Police station,
” can u please help to shelter a homeless 19 year old girl carrying a 6 months unborn and just travelled close to 3000 kms to reach Goa ? “.
No one wants to get into such complicated requests as such cases require alot of running around.
And I am sure , the call has gone to other homes as well , but no space, will be surely be the answer.
My Reply ” hold on , I will check with the team “.
Quickly Team agrees & a 80 year old NUN incharge of this ladies home & a lady care giver are ready on standby by, along with our Operations Manager,  Mr Sapnesh to welcome this young lady.
Finally we receive through the Goa Police  at approx 11pm this young homeless to be mother, into our home even though all our 4 ladies  homes are full.
No request has ever been rejected in any of our 4 ladies homes because of space and never will we ever say no to a request especially if its at night.
Girl has taken the wrong decision in her life and a few months back got married against her family wishes.
Husband was an orphan,  met online &
got married 6 months back.
Both are from different states and different religions.
Unfortunately husband met with an accident and expired 3 months back.
Her family refuses to take her back.
Decided to go to Delhi and try to get a job to survive.
Met an Angel in the train who told her not to go to Delhi as its not safe for single mother but go to Goa which is much more safer than any other state in India.
Landed last evening in Goa and went around searching for help before being spotted by PINK FORCE / GOA POLICE.
Situation looks sad , bad and frightening. 
But WE DARE TO DREAM @ Street Providence.
It's going to really tough in the coming 3 months but that's what we are called to do.
” Care for the those who have no one & abandoned, irrespective of the situations “.
I have a family with 3 children and I know how things go through before delivery especially from the medical perspective. 
Tomorrow it start :
☆ Check ups 
☆ Numerous Doctors trips,
☆ Sonography, ultrasounds, blood tests , etc 
☆ Medication & nutrition,
☆ Rest and care.
We @ Street Providence are committed to provide all the best we can to this ” young to be mother ” who has showed nerves of steel and inspite of her loss of her husband is determined to live a life by giving life to the unborn in her stomach.
What is going on in her head who knows and no one can imagine. 
That pain, the rejection, the loneliness, tough thoughts about the future, the hunger and no money, unsure when she sleeps at night will she be safe in the morning, etc.
All her train travels of the 3000kms have been in general compartment without a valid ticket.
You too can stand with her and her unborn in :
☆ Your prayers 
☆ Your wishes 
☆ Your help in any other way you can.
Please no requests about the future plans of the girl and the unborn child.
We will look after both of them as long as she wishes to stay with us which I am sure will be long term and we intend to offer her a job in our NGO as she speaks fluent and clear English and is educated upto 10th std.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848