10.6.2023. 7 PM IST
This 75+ old abandoned lonely goan man living on the streets of Margao , picked up today and admitted into our Shelter home by our Volunteer Mr John Baptist supported by Fatorda Police. 
Mr Leuin, must be 75 years old and for over a month, he was living in the heat and hot summer on the streets of Margao in the vicinity of Holy Spirit Church and speaks fluent English.
Video attached.ūüĎá
Terribly sick and suffering from a sickness which requires an operation but due to being homeless he is still suffering and operation not yet done.
He Can be Like anyones father , uncle,  grand father , brother. 
And at this age to be terribly sick and on the streets is sad and depressing for all.
But then nothing can be done except getting such people to a shelter home.
Infact March 2021 , we had picked up this same man from Navelim church and he stayed for a year and left in Aug 2022.
Last 1 month he has been living in the heat and dust in margao and requesting me to please help him once again.
Actually we don't take back anyone who had left our homes as it then creates a precedence for the others to leave and go and drink, enjoy and come back as and when their heath gets worse and we have to run around fixing their heath issue.
But since Mr LEUIN is old and the heat has been too bad and the rains are started,  we made an exception and took him in.
All are aware that the homeless are too many in margao city .
But this was bound to happen as the only running shelter home right in the heart of the city was forcibly shut down a few years back.
And who is suffering  ?
The poorest of the poor on the streets.
And these poor homeless people are always located right from Holy Spirit Church to the garden and going around Grace Church margao plus around the municipality building.
And I say NO one, including both the Fatorda & Margao MLAs, the parishioners of both these churches, the councilors of MMC & Society at large is doing anything long-term and concrete to address this issue which is like a eye sore to all in this city.
Everyday we get calls to take some one or the other from Margao city and we refuse as the city needs to have its own shelter home and those who shut down this home 3 years back needs to know how life is cruel and difficult to those living on the streets of Margao.
And all those who have died on the streets of margao due to no shelter as the only Shelter home in margao was shut down, their death on the streets is because of no foresight on those who shut down a running shelter home.
And in the coming years , the homeless are bound to increase in the city and the homeless will keep dying for want of shelter.
But who cares ?
25 % of the homeless In Goa are genuine goans who have turned homeless for real genuine reasons and the nos are increasing silently but quickly.
We require your help constantly and continously as rehabilitating of the homeless is a daily and a non stop service.
This elderly goan man Mr LEUIN will need trips to the hospital, admission and operation & after care help to fight his sickness and its not going to be easy for him nor for us .
But some one has to get the job done towards such old abandoned and homeless Goans on the streets of Goa.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848