9.6.2023  7 PM. IST
REHABILITATION AT STREET PROVIDENCE FOCUSES ON HELPING HOMELESS / individuals with mental disabilities regain stability in their lives.
This post is about true goemkarpon which i lived in Goa when I was a small child.
Today, we are seeking public assistance for a 45-year-old Goan Hindu Brahmin man from Priol constituency, who was born into the Bhatji/priest profession and completed his 12th standard education. 
At the age of 30, he experienced a mental health decline and has been on psychiatric medication for the past 15 years.
Due to his condition, he is unable to live with his elderly mother, as he becomes physically aggressive towards her and refuses to take his medication. 
For approximately 18 months, we have been providing him with rehabilitation services in our Shelter Home.
Initially, he exhibited destructive behavior and became easily agitated by even the slightest disturbances, such as someone coughing in the shelter home to an extent he would even break glass window panes , such was his irritation.
He would frequently cry and display heightened emotional reactions. However, through living with other men in the home and adhering to his medication regimen, he has gained control over his destructive tendencies, irritability, and emotional outbursts.
Although this young Goan man has made significant progress, it is crucial for him to continue his medication, receive further exposure, and engage in work related to his profession to enhance his confidence. 
Today he aspires to go back to his bhatji profession. 
2 min Video attached in konkanni.👇
As he is a Bhatji by birth, it is my aspiration that he can practice his Hindu faith and support himself financially.
We are seeking someone to train and guide him in his profession, enabling him to feel accepted in society. 
Despite approaching several Swamijis to inquire about his placement under their guidance for relearning his profession, we have not received any responses or opportunities for him to reside and learn in such a setting.
Street Providence aims to rehabilitate individuals from Hindu, Catholic, and Muslim backgrounds, regardless of their mental disabilities. Our shelter homes do not offer any religious services.
We take care of homeless people from all religions like Hindus,  Catholics,  Christians, Muslims.
For us HUMANITY is all that matters.
Our organization comprises Hindu employees across all our operations in Goa and our men's homes have an entirely Hindu staff, while 50% of the staff in our ladies' homes are Hindus.
Typically, when a Catholic individual passes away in our shelter home, we arrange a funeral in the local church, including a holy mass, prayers, and burial. 
However, when a Hindu individual passes away, we conduct a cremation without any religious rituals, as we are unable to find a Hindu priest to perform the service.
If this Goan man is trained to conduct these rituals, I would be grateful to have a Hindu person cremated according to their religious customs.
Additionally, he can earn a living while residing in our shelter home and he can daily buy his ice cream as he has a sweet tooth.
If any Hindu organization can assist me in helping this young Goan man return to his profession as a Bhatji, please contact me via WhatsApp at 8380097564.
As a Roman Catholic, my faith remains within the confines of my personal home. 
I am driven by my belief in Jesus Christ:
☆ to care for the elderly, 
☆ the abandoned, 
☆ individuals with disabilities living on the streets, 
☆ widows, 
☆ Abandoned Divorced women with no children,
☆ unwed mothers, 
☆ the bedridden and disabled, 
☆ the impoverished and hungry, 
☆ as well as men and women affected by HIV.
I see the presence of Christ in those who suffer and are marginalized. 
However, my wish is for this Goan Hindu man, born as a Bhatji/Priest, to reclaim his profession and become self-sufficient. 
The Goa I knew when I was in school 30 years ago differs greatly from the present. 
I hope that we can all respect each other's religions and beliefs, and through this post, I aspire for this Goan man to fulfill his duties as a Bhatji with confidence and sincerity.
All help is welcome towards this Goan Hindu man in this post.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848