10.5.2023. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA requires your help to  raise Rs 4 lacs to repair our biggest men's rehabilitation home at Quepem which is having some major unavoidable issues.
This is the reasons :
》1. Monkeys are around the roof and tiles are getting broken. Hence we require 50 nos powder coated sheets of 18 feet each on this roof.
》2. Sleeping space is an issue , but there is a 
75 Sq Mt hall on the 2nd floor which is of plain red coated rough floor, which we require to fit floor tiles so that atleast 10 to 15 men can sleep at night on mats.
》3. We need to increase urinals as these men keep wasting water as they just go on flushing the water when ever they use the washrooms as they suffer from mental disabilities including water phobia.
Our Quepem home for homeless men has a capacity of 80 men with close to 20 rooms.
Most of the men are suffering from severe mental disabilities.
But we Have never crossed rehabilitating more than 50 men at any point of time.
For these reasons :
Reason no 1 
☆ House is of 20 rooms & Of these 20 rooms – 
☆ 2 rooms are for Physiotherapy unit 
☆ 1 room is for the manager & guests
☆ 1 room is the reception cum medicine room.
☆ 1 room is for stores 
☆ 2 rooms are the kitchen

That makes it total 7 rooms 
Remaining 13 rooms @ 4 men per room makes it very difficult to live in.
The rooms are 16 sq mtrs each .
Plus some men have chronic skin disease which needs isolation and some men are on Pampers as they can't control their toilet movements which it itself at times is a form of disability.
Reason no 2
Water is a big issue and very less or erratic supply of water daily. 
So bathing the men is a big issue.
Reason no 3
To accommodate 50 men or even 40 men at any point of time, basically a house requires 10 to 12 washrooms cum bathrooms.
We have only 6 washroom cum toilets and 7 bathing rooms.
This home was innaugrated in Nov 21 and before we started this home it was closed for over 12 years so all the infrastructure is old and needs constant upgradation
We had collected donations of Rs 15 lacs through 20 benefactors in Sept 2021 to repair and start this home and for close to 18 months this home was being used to rehabilitate the homeless until the following issues started.
We are close to a situation that very soon we will have to reduce drastically intake the homeless as all homes are getting overloaded and this home in particular at QUEPEM being the biggest can only accommodate another 20 men but has the worst water issue at the moment and Sanitation is a big issue.
We can accept help also in kind like :
☆ 50 nos roof coated  sheets , 
☆ 75 sq mtrs floor tiles, 
☆ 3 nos urinals, 
☆ plumbing material etc.
Or you can please donate through cheque or NEFT so that our homeless street men with mental disabilities can be taken care off before the monsoon kicks in at this big home at QUEPEM.
All queries and questions can be done through whatsapp on 8380097564.
One can also visit this home with an appointment to see for yourself incase you wish to help us repair this home.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848