7.5.2023. 8pm IST 
Goan woman suffering from mental disabilities, married off without telling the husband,
chronic case of running away on trains,
now not wanted by both families & 
suffering from complicated disabilities. 
Very often we hear in print and social media platforms about missing people suffering from mental disabilities who walked away or just disappearing and weeks or months later found dead. 
Well rarely you hear though print or social media how few kind hearted souls actually find such people suffering from mental disabilities especially on far away railway stations or bus stops thousands of kms away and take the trouble to get them back home. 
But angels do exist in this world and recently such an angel dropped this lost Goan lady on a platform 1200 kms away from margao station right back to her family in Goa, without a single charge. 
And we have such many  such ladies in our psychiatric rehabilitation homes with these running away symptoms on trains or bus to far away states. 
The issue here is ” mid way homes or half way homes to rehabilitate such people with disabilities are not available”. 
This goan lady close to 50 years as of today was suffering from mental disabilities about 10 years back and still her mother got her married a couple of months back saying it's just depression 
Husband works 24 hours duty and next day 24 off so basically it's not possible for him to administer the medication to his wife and that's how the issue is going haywire. 
Last few weeks she has reached her mother's home and now uncontrollable. 
Both sides are blaming each other. 
Ultimately if not treated and rehabilitated life will be one day lost in some tragic way. 
And this is not an isolated case but there are huge no of such ladies suffering from this situation. 
☆ Where to go ?
☆ Where r we heading?
☆ Whom to get help from ?
☆ How to solve this issue? 
So many questions in my mind leave alone the families suffering from such issues and daily who go thru such traumas . 
It's a fight with an unseen and undefeatable enemy which is the most frustrating part at the moment. 
At some point of time, our homes  will get full and we too will throw up our hands and just watch innocent lives going no where. 
Its a matter of great concern that more and more young goans are diagnosed as persons with mental Disabilities and yet the state government,  religious heads,  religious institutions, big time NGOs , are not showing any interest in starting mid way homes to rehabilitate the ever rising no of people In goa and this issue is bound to snow ball into a crisis very soon. 
I and my entire team have no formal education either of being students of MSW or any clinical psychology courses or any psychiatric education but we have developed and acquired hard core ground work experience and ground reality, living with and caring for close to 800 such severe, chronic and hard core people suffering from mental & physical disabilities disabilities last 5 years 
It's a choice I made and it's a difficult calling in today world of fast life and fast money. 
But we require more homes and more collaboration to address the issues of rising no of people suffering from mental disabilities. 
Government is supporting us @ our NGO  and I can't complain much against the government but its the rising nos which is troubling me. 
If we refuse due to genuine reasons especially because of SPACE shortage in the homes , we are criticized and the families feel offended that we are simply refusing admissions. 
If we take more than we can accommodate,  the infrastructure in the homes takes a hit and that causes inconvenience to all the inmates. 
Most of the times the requests are genuine & pathetic that if we don't admit, that life can and will be lost forever. 
If you reading my posts regularly Have any concrete suggestions to help us solve the issues we are facing then pls whatsapp me on 8380097564. 
Ideas are not required. 
Practical suggestions are needed if you are having any valid ones. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848