3.5.2023. 7Pm IST 
” I don't care about my sister as last 25 years our family has suffered SHAME and we have no friends & relatives because she is suffering from mental disabilities “.
The amount of requests for admissions into our PCHYISTRIC HOMS from our own Goans suffering from mental & intellectual disabilities is driving me nuts.
Everyday our manager Gets 3 to 4 requests which he brings to me to decide.
As if today we have accumulated close to 40 such requests from POOR LOCAL GOANS  and we might take 2 months to admitt these 40 by which the no waiting for admission after 2 months will be another 40 to 60.
It's FREAKING CRAZY service we have started and we are offering.
Last week this particular family approached us for rehabilitation and help and were like telling me ” pls keep our sister permanently with you as we don't want her back “
And she is only 45 years old and I was like ” what are they taking & thinking “.
25 years back as a young teenager this goan girl was married off and was forced to do cooking and dish washing in her husband Home which she could not and was sent back home but the husband Kept the child.
Husband got remarried and got more children and refused to give her child back neither any support .
Thinking about the failed marriage and the family Shame this goan lady showed symptoms of Schizophrenia and other mental issues and parents would take her regularly or often to IPHB for medication
But parents entrusted or believed that the daughter would take the medication on her own which she was not taking. rather just throwing it out.
Other sibling got married and now after 22 years the parents are old and stressed.
Non of the siblings are able or willing to look after her as she has turned violent and difficult for the sibling to handle as they are having their own children and no family member will want their small children to live with a highly volatile aunty who is extremely dangerous and uncontrollable.
Often admitted into IPHB , parents stays 15 days with the daughter, discharges her and again same story repeats.
Father is now dead and mother is weak.
It can reach a point that she might even be just knocked off as no one in the family wants to carry on this nightmare.
A few months back some proposal was arranged & she was re married with the new husband/ man and within a week she was sent back home to the parents as they had not told the future husband that she is suffering from mental disabilities. 
That added more depression to the lady making live even more stressful and difficult for all.
Now in Goa where are the government homes or mid way homes for such people?
No lady activists are raising these issues and no authority is showing any concern to this silent but rising issue.
Today we have agreed to take her in.
We convinced & counseled the family siblings that we will get her stabilised within a few  months and every two month each of the sibling looks after her once discharged  from our home and if in the future she requires re admission we will rehabilte again.
All agreed and went back to their homes refreshed and understood that she is their own blood.
When they entered the office they were like ” let's kill her or dispose of her in some orher state, why go thru more stress ? “.
Like this case I will upload a few more sad and pathetic cases of our local goans who if not helped with rehabilitation will either end up dead or taken advantage once on the streets or will just be walking to no where with no one bothered to go and find them.
I hope the CONCERNED GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS & MINISTERS on my broadcsts will read this post and do something about those local goan people suffering from mental disabilities.
We are getting overloaded. 
Our grants are not given in time both by women & Child Department and Social Welfare Department. 
Grants are promised but just delayed for silly reasons.
We are ready to increase our current capacity from 200 beds to 300 or even 400 beds but we should get uninterrupted support from the Government.
Resources are slowing down, it's going to be election season for the next 18 months so no authority will want to take interest in these issues, space is a constraint, donations are taking a slight hit , etc.
Very soon to accommodate the local goans we night have to stop taking migrants and those non goans lying abandoned in hospitals into our homes as its just going out of control.
Too many homeless on the streets and too many poor locals are suffering from mental disabilities who are reaching the streets as families are not able to care for them.
Already with 165 admissions of which 135 are pchyistric patients all our homes are overloaded at the moment.
Please do support us in your prayers, blessings,  wishes,  donations or just by forwarding our messages to your near and dear ones.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848