30.4.2023  7Pm IST
This Goan man Mr LEOPOLD from Camurlim Bardez has been living on the streets for quite some months.
Today our Manager Mr Sapnesh Salgaonkar picked him up right outside the compound wall of DMC college Assagao.
Sapnesh has been seeing Mr LEOPOLD sitting, sleeping and living right on the road last 7 days & today he just could not see him In this unbeatable heat anymore. 
Infact last Sunday, Mr LEOPOLD was spotted in Assagao area on the road and Mr Felly Gomes who had posted on his wall.
Mr LEOPOLD Is suffering I assume from mental disabilities and has practically no one look after him at his home in CAMURLIM.
Poverty , loneliness, uneducated,  sickness and may be troubled by others who make fun or threw stones on such people making them move from place to place non stop. 
Infact last Sunday I assume Goa Police @ Anjuna police station picked him up and dropped him home which made him again walk and that's how this entire week he is sleeping under a tree right on the road.
I have myself LEOPOLD many many times over the last 1 year roaming and walking endlessly but as usual ” we are all occupied in our own lives that such people are not my problem ” 
It's a system gone out of control.
And at times our services towards rehabilitation of the homeless with disabilites are questioned
Today our shelter home has 100 , yes 100 + such ethnic GOANS picked up from streets,  hospitals,  market places who have no one to go back to .
Yes no one at all.
Since they are on medication for mental disabilities and have no one to give them their medications, they reach the streets. 
Today close to 500 such ethnic GOANS are on the streets due to their mental sickness.
And I have strong proof to support this no.
191 villages & 14 municipalities. 
Just take 2 per village and 10 per municipality.
And these nos are rising really fast.
We are getting calls and requests daily from many people but we can't reply or please all.
All our homes are already over loaded and it's getting really difficult. 
Tuesday,  Mr Leopold will be taken to the IPHB for an assessment and will be treated for stability.
My one request never doubt our work just because one thinks in Goa there r no poor people
It depends where you are living and how you are traveling in Goa.
One only understands pain when one cuts one own finger.
We are the only NGO in Goa , continously accepting homeless and abandoned poor goans with disabilities into our shelter homes. 
Your support plays a big part in our work towards caring for the homeless and the abandoned.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848