13.5.2023. 7Pm IST 
Can u imagine living in hospitals for over 15 months ? 
And add to that being old, abandoned, unable to walk properly, no bowel control, sleeping on the floor on a hospital mattress and not sure what to do next. 
Yesterday we accepted for PALLATIVE CARE from District hospital margao,  into our shelter home , these 2 elderly homeless abandoned men.
One is bed ridden and orher struggling to walk.
And I am told that many other NGOs were coming to this hospital for months but non volunteered  to rehabilite both these men as both are very very difficult cases to handle.
@ Street Providence WE DARE TO DREAM.
☆ Case 1
Elderly old man is a Keralite , Me Devendra Nayak & has been in hospital for over 15 months.
Yes a whopping 15 MONTHS 
Totally not in control of his bowel moments , very very weak and undernourished, was living on a hospital mattress on the floor and just ignored.
☆ Case 2
Second man is Mr Fala from Haryana and has been in this hospital for 6 months.
Can't walk straight and got some major leg issues.
Watch the 2 minutes video.👇👇
Our volunteer Mr John Baptist has taken alot of trouble to get all the required paperwork ready in the last 2 months as most of the system at district hospital margao is not favoring rehabilitation of homeless in this government hospital which is a big setback to the poor and homeless abandoned here. 
A sad state of affairs for both these men.
We will attempt to provide FREE Pallative care to the extent we can manage and afford to these two men.
It's not an easy task and that's the reason one of these men has been ignored and has been living for 15 MONTHS in a hospital.
We @ Street Providence are more of Hardcore ground work rehabilitation.
We put our effort at the weakest and neglected section of society be it :
☆ Mental disabilities 
☆ Physical disabilities or
☆ Pallative care. 
Your Continues support to our NGO is required so that we can provide so many services to the homeless , to the poor goans suffering from disabilities and to the street people.
This is what drives us to do what we are called to do and with commitment and care.
Some times the requests are pathetic and difficult to consider but WE DARE TO DREAM.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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