17.4.23 7pm IST
We are collecting clothes including childrens , all types of shoes including childrens ,school bags , tiffin boxes, compass boxes, mattresses, beds, Sinks, bathroom accessories, furniture , kitchen equipment, utensils , electrical & electronic equipment etc.
The above mentioned itens should be in good useable condition fit enough to be given back to the Society to those who are poor and downtrodden.
You name it we might take it . But pay us a donation in kind (attached in the poster ) or in cheque .
If you reading this post wish to help the poorest of the poor in Goa & India and are ready to pay us to take all the above then please go on reading this post .
Lots and lots of poor families in Goa & India might be in need of the above listed items which we intend to collect.
Everybody wants to find places to offload their clothes & other house hold items 
But the costs involved in :
Collecting clothes & other items 
Storing clothes & other items 
Segregating & packing material 
Transporting these items to the villages 
Then redistributing in the villages,
This costs alot of time , energy, Logistics & huge manpower. 
We have taken on rent huge Godowns to store all these items round the year which again the Rents have to be paid. 
And no one is going to do this free and neither can an NGO bear all these costs plus one requires huge manpower.
I have been to so many villages in rural Imdia where poor children come to school with slippers , worn out or torn shoes, no proper uniform , old school bags , at times poor parents might not be able to buy note books,  no compass box, etc. 
I have seen endless families sleeping on plain hard grounds and wet floors, having no proper washrooms, etc.
And here in Goa we are super blessed to be having one of the best facilities lin all fields compared to rural parts of India especially in infrastructure , education and Healthcare which Goa has the best.
And usually all the above mentioned items just reach the dustbin which otherwise could bring smiles to hundreds if not thousands of poor children and poor families. 
And we were all taught in schools ” ALL INDIANS ARE MY BROTHERS & SISTERS…..”.
So if you feel and think like me then you should be part of this drive by not only WISHING OR INTENDING TO DONATE all your old but good stuff but also Pay us to take from you and give ahead to the poor and needy across Goa & India.
Be generous in allowing your GOOD CLOTHES & OTHER HOUSE HOLD ITEMS to reach a poor family or your school items to reach a poor child.
Surely you will never know where your items have gone but that poor child or poor family will be blessing you as your GOOD CLOTHES , SHOES & HOUSE HOLD ITEMS have brightened up the lives of our fellow INDIANS.
Usually we think and understand that old aged homes and shelter homes require only old clothes, WHICH is very wrong and not acceptable
Old aged homes and shelter homes need food and medications daily and not old clothes as well as bills to be paid monthly.
We as an NGO are primarily focused on :
☆ 1. running 8 shelter Homes for the abandoned & we accept and take in all old people. Homeless street people and poor goan people suffering from Disabilities. 
☆ 2. food banks for hungry where we accept daily 500 kgs of  extra cooked food In our fridges
We now are going to support thousands of poor children and hundreds of poor families through our new project of collecting clothes , all types of shoes , school bags , tiffin boxes, compass boxes, mattresses, beds, Sinks, bathroom accessories, furniture , kitchen equipment, electrical & electronic equipment etc through our new project THE GIVING BACK BANK.
Through the above collection we can also reduce the HUGE stress of garbage issue which is increasing daily.
But you need to give us your support to recover the costs of accepting and collecting all the above items from your doorstep.
You CAN'T drop anything to any of our shelter homes or our office or godown without an appointment and without the free items included in the poster attached with this post.
Please don't give silly excuses I was passing by so I brought or someone told me you are accepting so I brought.
All our homes,  offices and Godowns are on CCTV so please be aware.
Give CHEERFULLY & PAY us to redistribute it ahead to the poor and needy.
If you find this post not suited to your needs please delete it and sorry, but we can't accept anything without your donation even if the things are GOOD , NEW & UNUSED.
Any clarification is welcome STRICTIY THROUGH WHATSAPP on 8380097564.
Try to avoid calling as at times there is no range.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848