12.4.23. 7pm IST 
Exactly one year back this BSC Graduate from Maharashtra was picked up by our NGO from the streets of Panjim in unhygienic conditions. 
For 4 full years earlier,  I was convincing him to get help but he refused as he was working as an attendant for rs 4000 a month at a Pay Toilet and sleeping and living in the same place. 
Entire amount was used for alcohol. 
Today after one year of rehabilitation he is back to Normal but wants to go back to the same streets but with a limp due the stroke. 
You must try to listen to the video 👇👇
Half English. Half konkani & Marathi 
Educated but drinking and got a stroke resulting in him being very weak in walking. 
If he starts drinking again he will be in bigger trouble as it's not alcohol but spirit / chemical that they drink on the streets. 
We took him in and stabilized him with PHYSIOTHERAPY but today he still wishes to go back as that ALCOHOL is his big issue. 
When we picked him he was signing a tune ” he wants to work and will work & he says he has a brother”. 
We even called his brother who says he is fed up with his drinking habit and is not keen to even talk to him. 
Stabilizing him took 6 to 8 months and later we tried to teach him medication for other men in the home. 
This job is the easiest work as he can't balance himself as he still has a limp with his leg due to his stroke but that too he can't manage. 
Just lazy inspite of being educated and having a limp due to the stroke. 
If he leaves our Home, he will be back from where he came from. 
Just because he feels better and a little strong he thinks that he is fit to start afresh and that too as a Waiter . 
If in our home where he is getting food, clothing , shelter, medication and Physiotherapy he is not grateful then you can imagine his condition once he leaves our Home. 
We tried and we did our best. 
More educated, more the attitude and EGO . 
I just pray that better sense strikes his CPU before he destroys his own health and life. 
We have a principal ” once you get better and leave the home and reach the streets and collapse we don't readmitt again under any circumstances “. 
Otherwise it sets a bad example to others . 
Rehabilitating and caring for the homeless with Disabilities and especially a stroke related person is not easy and costs alot to the NGO . 
And when you know that the person is going back to the streets its all more difficult to make such people change their mind . 
Sometimes i wonder why do people actually want to destroy and screw up their own lives. 
What would you do if you were in my place ? 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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