18.4.23. 7pm IST
A senior citizen Goan lady from NAVELIM 
Mrs Roseline & her husband goes out of their way to get this very old Keralite man living on the streets of Navelim to our shelter home yesterday.
Mrs Roseline has been the GOOD SAMARITAN.
Mr Mathew Charien must be 75 years plus old and feeble , begging and staying on the streets of Navelim church for some time now. 
His identity says ELAPULLY , SCB , ELAPULLY (PO ) KERALA.
Mrs Roseline has been been seeing him quite often outside the church every morning like so many other church goers
That's the CRUX of this post .
We see the poor and abandoned and just move away , as its just not my problem or my relative.
We as a Society need to change our views about the old and the homeless and take some time from all our tight schedules to see that they reach either a hospital or a home.
Its never going to be easy for anyone wanting to help the homeless get a shelter but in Goa we @ Street Providence are going all out to take in the GENUINE HOMELESS. 
Mrs Roseline has brought many such homeless men & women in the last 5 years from the vicinity of Navelim church to our shelter homes.
We accepted him after verification and paperwork was done by the Goa Police.
His wife died a few years back, no children , was staying on rent in kerala and now to survive I assume and understand he is begging from.city to city.
Very depressing and unfortunate to see this old man state on the streets of Goa.
Has high pressure @ 175 and high diabetics 
@ 280 and being so long on the streets all alone and stressed for food and shelter is not easy especially for the old feeble man.
Usually once you are on the streets the younger men rob and demand money from these elderly homeless men and if they don't give them at night their share then they hit them and push and abuse them.
Working on the streets with the homeless for many years, I have discovered and understood many many issues the homeless face especially the old and the feeble.
It's a nightmare if you are an outsider in the state and even worse if you are old and can't defend yourself.
Its going to be a bit difficult to stabilise him as he is in a home where by he was used to roaming around and getting money for food and may be ” medicine to drink ” which is not available in our home.
Till he detoxifies and gets along with the other men and drinks alot of water we will have to be careful about his pressure and diabetics.
Another point Is the heat as that's the worrying issue in all our mens home as most of the men are feeling uncomfortable as the heat is terrible off late.
We feel happy that our shelter homes are providing relief and rehabilitation to so many homeless people in Goa continously supported by so many GENEROUS BENEFACTORS.
We are overloaded and all the 3 big men's home are crowded but are still taking in men as the heat is killing out there in Goa and some how we squeeze the resources and the facilities especially the sleeping area and the washroom facilities but no homeless is refused admission.
You can support us through your prayers, wishes, blessings, donations or even by just forwarding our work to your near and dear ones.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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