3.4.2023. 10pm IST
Our shelter home opens our doors even though it's late night to take in this homeless old beaten and hammered lady.
Goa Police @ Panjim police station does a quick and fast response to this old battered and hammered old lady living on the beach / streets of Miramar and gets her off her troubles to our shelter home.
Non goan ELDERLY lady and was forced to beg on the streets of Miramar and may be even staying right on the beach / streets and son might/ could be beating her up to get money.
Panjim Police did a good and quick job of getting this fragile and terribly beaten up elderly lady of the streets/ Beach today evening.
Picked her up say between 5 to 6 pm, recorded her statement in station, medical done and dropped to our shelter home by 9 to 10 pm.
Lady terribly old, fragile, weak, stressed and 
dis oriented due to the beating and harassment.
Most of our inmates in all our women's shelter homes are like this old lady – homeless, beaten up , abandoned, exploited due to illiteracy and no one usually to shown care & Concern for them.
I have never ever seen any activists taking up these issues of homeless women on the streets and making videos and press conferences as to why and what can be done to help such homeless old beaten up street women.
Why ?
Is it because they are not worthy to be spoken about ?
Or is it okay for SHELTER HOMES to just take them in ?
Or is it because they are poor,  weak , penniless so nothing can be expected from them ?
Today there are close to a few hundreds of such ladies on the streets. roads. Gardens,  bus stop , beach side , etc. .
It's sad, upsetting and a never ending story. 
But who cares and who is bothered  ?
We as an Educated Society ( all of us including me ) are failing this weakest section of Society and its the duty and responsibility of all WOMEN ACTIVISTS to see that DAILY such abandoned women are picked up from their misery and put either in shelter homes or are sent back to their families. 
We don't just find fault and condemn the government & the women and child department but we started 4  homes in just a 5 years of our existence and we take support of the various government departments when we HEAR THE CRIES of SUCH WOMEN IN DISTRESS.
We do the work ourselves.
This elderly women is going to take time to stabilize as she is totally bruised both in body and In mind. 
If you recognise her or her family let me know .
If you see such old abandoned ladies in Goa living on the streets and road sides please do call the local police 1st .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848