1.4.2023. 7pm IST
Rehabilitating homeless street people where most of them are sick and suffering from mental & physical disabilities is not easy service but with the support of the GOVERNMENT its a welcome sign and a blessing.
What started as an small service in 2017 has translated into something unbelievable yet possible.
Government is giving grants, only thing is 
” one needs to do the actual work on the ground”
It's not big money but any grant from any government is a welcome sign of support from the Government to the NGO.
When any Government department supports any NGO especially by way of Grant's year after year, one needs to  highlight the same as the Department too needs to be appreciated.
Usually many many organisation's mumble and grumble that Government is not releasing funds or grants in time.
But at Street Providence it's different.
We go through serious issues at times in various government departments but then that's part and parcel of the NGO to overcome the hurdles and focus on getting the grants/ funds.
Consistency in the work on the field, non stop follow up and huge paperwork is the key to getting the funds and grants from any government department.
♡♡♡ We thank WOMEN & CHILD DEPARTMENT for releasing our grants / orders to one of the four  women homes we run  @ Calangute, consistently last 4 years upto 31.3.2023 .
For the year ended 31.3.2023 , we have another 3 women shelter homes and our grants will be released in this accounting year 23-24.
Of these 3 homes :
One Home Grant due is for 21-22 & 22-23
Other two homes the grants are for 22-23 

During the year 22-23 we applied to the Social Welfare Department to Start 2 Physiotherapy centre's for the 125 + homeless Persons with Disabilities @ our NGO , one in North Goa & one in South Goa.
Our North Goa grant was approved within a quick period of time.
Civil Supplies Department started giving our NGO 265 kgs free rice for 53 homeless people @ 5 kgs each per month from 1.3 2023 and this is going to be every month.
At Street Providence we too understand various government departments issues and we try our best to see how we can address their issues.
We understood the issues faced at the central Jail Colvale and we got BENEFACTORS to donate A water dispenser & A second hand automatic chapati machine which makes 900 chapatis an hour through our NGO.
Goa Police, the 1st line of direct contact with the homeless street people,  which we thank them for for ATLEAST trying to get the genuine homeless street people off the streets , as a small gesture,  we got sponsors for 2 brand new Xerox machines and we also got a sponsor who gave away 135 bundles of xerox paper reels / bundles specifically for all the 26 police stations in Goa 
We brought cheer to 3 government primary Schools in rural Goa by installing water purifiers.
We are not just takers but also givers.
( Attached 2 excel sheets )
Homelessness is an issue which all government department will not want to discuss and accept, but we @ Street Providence have to go on hitting the nail on the head in all government departments reminding them continuously that our NGO is working towards the rehabilitation & welfare of the homeless & the poor goans suffering from disabilities ” so please help and support us “.
I end this post with Special thanks to 2 powerful government officials, simple yet approachable men having understanding & compassion to our work.
♡♡ 1st Mr Arun Kumar Mishra , IAS , Secretary Women & Child Department, Government of Goa.
♡♡ 2nd Mr Subhash Faldesai, Minister of Social Welfare, Government of Goa.
Those reading this post might conclude that our NGO is getting alot of grants from the Government.
In reality the grant given to us is designed and calculated many years back say in 2006 when the cost of rehabilitation of the homeless was affordable and today in 2023 the inflation has doubled and tripled.
But like I said earlier in the post ” getting government grants/ funds/ support is always a good sign that Government is supporting the homeless through the NGO “.
Well with the grants received we keep adding more homes and more projects towards Rehabilitating more homeless and poor goans with disabilites on the streets of Goa.
These are the homeless we rehabilitated :
》For the year ended 21-22, we had 100 + 
》For the year ended 22-23 , we had 165 +
》For the coming year 23 -24 , we will have 200 + to 225 +
The main issue is inflation and price rise which is the most troublesome issue today at our NGO and constant funding daily is the only solution to rehabilitating the homeless street people and poor goans with disabilites coupled with grants from the Government. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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