31.3.2023. 7,pm IST
A small NGO taking care of poor homeless people with mental disabilites spends a WHOPPING Rs 14 lacs a year on diagnostics/ medical costs , hospitalization and transportation from all our 8 shelter homes across Goa to IPHB & other Government hospitals.
As we end this finacial year today, Street Providence Goa thanks all our ESTEEMED BENEFACTORS who have stood with us during this entire accounting year and I am assured of all our benefactors support in the coming financial year.
Our main service @ Street Providence is caring for the homeless street people and poor goan people suffering from mental disabilities as well as physical disabilities. 
In our Shelter Homes we have women & men  suffering from :
☆ 1. Severe Depression  
☆ 2. Bipolar Disorder, 
☆ 3. Paranoid & exteme Schizophrenia
☆ 4. Eating disorders
☆ 5. Disruptive behaviour and dissocial disorders    AND 
☆ 6. Neuro developmental disorders. Etc 
And the most challenging & difficult part in the shelter homes is keeping the 165 + inmates fit and healthy , especially in the mind .
With over 125 + inmates suffering from major mental disabilities it's always a challenge to keep peace , law & order and everyone happy all the time in all 8 shelter homes in Goa.
Alot of people genuinely ask me and alot of benefactors must be always thinking ” how do we manage to run these shelter homes for the poor homeless and poor goan people suffering from mental disabilities ?”
Usually psychiatric homes are run by professional doctors & Psychiatrist but @ our NGO we DARE TO DREAM as non of our staff and our trustees are doctors or Psychiatrist but yet we are doing the service FREE OF COST for the 5th year and running.
I can humbly claim ” looking after & rehabilitating people with disabilites especially mental disabilities is a CALLING & an GIFT “.
It's an ART, where we have learnt in taking care of more than 125 + pchyistric patients and all our care givers and staff do their job with love & compassion.
Once you learn the ART & master the ART, caring for people with mental disabilities is VERY EASY.
Three main points we follow at our homes : Systematic admission of daily medication, proper assessment , 
timely follow up at the psychiatric hospital.
These 3 points done faithfully day after day is what makes our NGO year after year increase the intake of homeless people and poor goans suffering from disabilities. 
Last year end 31.3.2022  we had about 100+ psychiatric homeless & poor goan people suffering from mental disabilities and we spent RS 7 LACS only on diagnostics / medical costs, hospitalization & transportation from all our 6 homes at that time to the IPHB & other Government hospitals. 
This year end 31.3.2023 , we have close to 165 + homeless and poor goans suffering from mental & physical disabilities and we spent Rs 14 lacs+ only on their medications, hospitalization & transportation.
Attached 2 charts of 21-22 & 22-23
Coming March 2024 we might be adding another 50 to 75 such patients as mental disabilities is rising both on the streets & among the poor goan people.
♡♡♡ We thank all at IPHB especially the : 6 consultant Doctors ( voldo dotor ) 
Numerous senior & junior doctors ,
Nurses and hospital staff 
Without whose support & guidance we would never ever be able to provide care and rehabilitation to so many homeless people and poor goans suffering from mental disabilities. 
♡♡♡ We also thank the entire set up @ DHS ie 
North Goa & South Goa, District hospitals for all the services and admissions done whenever required without our NGO keeping an attendant.
♡♡♡ To all the Doctors & nurses at GMC , we feel happy that all our requests for admissions, treatment & operations are done without we being harrased to keep an attendant.
Both IPHB & DHS provide free medication but at times due to non availability of certain drugs we are forced to buy fron outside.
List of generic Medicines we buy from Antila :
》Ampride 200
》Ampride 400
》Valporate 500
》Valporate 200
》Defza 6
》Metoprotol 25
》Telmisartan 40
》Donep 5 mg
》Fluxotine 20
》Arip 20
》Arip 30
》Glimpride 2mg
List of generic Medicine we buy from Saya Care :
》Arip 10mg
》Atorvastin 10, 20 & 40 mg
》Evion 400
》Levespy 500
》Deriphyllin 150mg
》Deriphyllin 100mg
》Amide 50mg
》Amlo 5mg
》Ecosprin 75 & 150mg
All these are not given FREE in any Government hospitals and some of the above are quite expensive.
Diapers are a huge cost to our NGO as you don't get free in any Government hospital and we have close to 17 to 22 physically disabled men & women on diapers.
Thank God , generic medicine is available otherwise our medicine bill @ allopathic pharmacies is a big kill.
To our medical benefactors especially one from panjim & one company from Vasco who for the last 5 years month after month send rs 3000 & rs 5000 worth of medicines based on our requirements. THANK YOU. This itself adds to Rs 1 lac a year 
To all those benefactors who month after month buy and give us adult diapers.  it's a big big thank you . This is another Rs 60000 a year. 
To all our loving and compassionate BENEFACTORS who we THANK on this post, this is how we utilize part of the donations you send us month after month.
Our BENEFACTORS are supporting our NGO in  fighting a battle against ever increasing homelessness & mental disabilities among the poorest of the poor in Goa.
Please do support our NGO from 1.4.2023 through your prayers , blessings, donations or even by forwarding our messages to atleast 10 of your contacts daily. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848